War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


Lol I’m just glad more and more people are starting to realize my attitude towards PG is completely justified :joy:

The best part is they made these recent announcements to make it sounds as though they are going to improve. But when viewed in context to their most recent “improvements” such as daily check changes and such it has only solidified the belief that PG treats it’s players poorly and will likely never change.


Once the bubble is burst, there’s no return, so denial? :see_no_evil:


Will the OP of these threads get updated with what’s been covered?


This is exactly the post I came here to write. The much-touted 2019 roadmap was a huge disappointment to begin with, since it contains almost no concrete plans to fix anything, and seems to suggest that PG is only just now starting the process of deciding how to address these issues, rather than actually ready to implement any fixes. Then, on top of that, the few actual changes in the near term have all been huge disappointments.


I can’t repeat this enough. They have no reason to change anything unless/until they see an effect on the bottom line.

Until,then everything else we are doing is like throwing a grain of sand into the ocean and listening for an echo.


Should the point of it be if they make a good game we are happy with then we can rate it as so? This would get more downloads and in turn more money for them.


Have they seen a decrease in downloads that are correlated to reviews? If not, then no.


Nvm, 4.4 :star: and #68 in strategy in Apple Store still.


Roadmap suggests a destination and a planned route.

PG are Keystone Cops using a mud map drawn by the Marx Brothers to visit The Pink Panther’s hide away.

I like the openness to discuss, but talk doesn’t butter no parsnips. Get your shit together
Your development team appear to say, why ask the masses what do they know, we don’t need play the game and we know more.

Fix it and serious 13k wood for a check in. I get more on my level 62 alt for a farm collection every 30 minutes let alone over 30 days.


Since its subject to change and all, can the rewards actually benefit the player? Getting 2 food packs of 6k is not enough to feed my perch, let alone actually do anything besides fly a dragon with it. Not trying to sound ungrateful but the rewards should be scaled to the player.

Just as the bronze chests were.


I can’t fly my dragon on one of those packs so I need 2 if I am empty…or bum a ride from a friend (follow)


You should but this in the Daily Log in discussion thread so it’s better placed.


A hatchling can fly and die on that amount.


So I’ve been on vacation and just now saw the implementation of the daily log in and time increase. I take back the good things I’ve said about it. Holy shit, this team is pathetic. It’s like looking at my breeding screen and seeing I have to pay 1,025 rubies for 20 breeds (280 tokens). That would be $1,840 in ruby costs to breed Stormheim using that method. I can only shake my head at how far off base they are with their value system.


Just saw a 1 minute timer drop from a monument during an Atlas invader run. When will the 24 hour timer be swapped in?


Same. I didn’t see them at all yesterday when I was hitting, only from boats. Since it switched over to treasure hunt, I have seen them twice from a monument. Not a single 24hr drop yet. Up to 4 bronze chests a run after treasure hunt started, but no 24hr timers.


Definitely still getting 1 minute timers from buildings. I understand we will still get from boats but these are the other assorted buildings/monuments.

I think the 24 hr timers will be EXTREMELY rare (like gold chest from monument, rare if that).


Yea Same here. At least I get significantly more Bronze chests…


Excuse me if you have already talked about this but I’ve read so many posts lately…

A great and simple help would be to go back to 5 tower levels each new tier, not for the 300 wall but at least would help with Embers and Pearls shortage.


Did you know 12 hour timers have been in the monuments? Have you ever seen one? There’s your answer.