War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


Oh, I totally knew! I saw one three months ago!


I’d buy a lottery ticket. :rofl: I’ve been playing since July 2015 and I’ve never seen one.


what a bout all those “11 minute” and “13 minute” timers some new guy insisted he was getting. +1 1 minute timer…



I remember that thread. :rofl:


It’s an oldie and a goodie:


Just to check in here, was this when you were specifically attacking monuments and not a boat or bridge? Just want to make sure I have as much info as possible!


I didnt find any 24hr timer from monuments and chests drop rate seems like no change at all.


Definitely not a boat. Pretty sure it was a monument but not 100% sure it wasn’t a bridge.


I absolutely love how you say you will start 2019 with bug bashing…

its almost like you knew this spell scaling was going to be bullish.t

to say the least, massively disappointed and you expect players to stick around for another year of your bulls.t that fixes nothing but just creates more problems while you try and milk more money from players…

Its turning into such a sh.t show its almost comical at this point.


And instead of coming out with new stuff to entertain us during this. They decide to delay the new dragons release, and overlap all these complicated projects. Most likely atlas and the reg event won’t even start on time as usual due to their timing.


I said primarily dedicated. It’s right there in the post you quoted. That doesn’t mean only. There is room for other stuff, like spell scaling.

I wasn’t given a solid timeline for it though, so I couldn’t really comment.


Can you unnerf pathox please?


Just max all your elite gear, and its almost as before the update.



I’ll get right on it lol


Sandy is saying it’s very appropriate bug bashing is listed as priority, since the spell scaling is like one big bug that needs to be bashed as a priority :joy:


So, I guess the road map to player happiness was making the atlas line even more expensive huh? It’s almost like pg truly doesn’t give a shiz about any of their players.


I would like to hear what PG’s vision FOR the game is.

  • Do you want a game that recruits, retains, and rewards hardcore gamers?
  • Do you want an idle game, built around micro-transactions, that attracts casual players?
  • Do you want a fantasy-based social network app that allows friends to fly dragons together?

I don’t think it’s possible to accommodate ALL of the above without alienating/pissing off at least one group. The game is SUPER addictive because it combines the dopamine fixes of catching Pokemon, with a top-notch Tower Defense game, Risk, and Facebook all at once.

But at the end of the day…which feature is the focus of the game? I simply think there is TOO MUCH trying to be strung together. You had me at “WAR & DRAGONS”…and I really just want my game to stop crashing. I want to be able to open the app and play without waiting five minutes for 520 items to download. New dragons are awesome. Atlas is kinda neat, but it’s really the rewards from Atlas that are so compelling…because they make my dragons stronger.


Hi Jared, I just got a 1 minute drop from a monument and have yet to get a 24 hour drop. Can you ask the developers to check the code? Thank you! :rose:


Which monument?


Tower of Learning, the monument on the second long island.