War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


I have also got 1 min timers only.


Likewise and I average 5 mil medals a week


:flushed: I gotta check you out in game …


Im 2 for troops killedt this week, usually easy to find


I only pay attention to the all time ones. :sweat_smile:


I’m poor🤗


Aww, I’m sorry. Hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:


I still get a ton of 1 min drops, and havnt noticed any increase in anything useful, all is the same as it always been.


Boats will still drop 1 min, but monuments (the things you put runes and glyphs on in your base) should not.


I know how it works, I’m not talking about boats.
Its broken


Jared is gonna ask which monument(s) then.


I would say all of them but first 3 are where most happen.
Triple towers,temple,tower of learning


They must be trying to fix this since no chests have been dropping during treasure hunt. @PGJared ? Is there a fix in the works or are we in for another “oops here is a gratuitous apology gift.”


I’m getting chests.


I’m not feeling the love then :cry:


They never did anything after last seasons issues with the chests. I lost out on thousands of bronze chests when re-installing clearing cache and so on didnt work. All they have said is it’s a know issue and they are working on a fix. 2 months later same story.


We still have engineers looking into this one. It is something significantly deeper in the code than originally thought. This an issue that the PX and Community teams continue to push on.


Probably neither :joy:


without reducing drop rate or the contents of the chests
why not just make chests drop all the time? you’d make a lot of people happy


Also saw a 1 min drop from the right hand monument on island 3 in atlas.