War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


Please explain why all these can’t be done and worked on at the same time. They seem like they can all be done by separate teams. Not sure why some have to wait another year before being worked on. Some of these are years in the making and now we have to wait another year before they are touched?


For the same reason you can’t hold 200 ping-pong balls in your nose. Capacity.

Yes we have multiple pods on the War Dragons team, but even combined we couldn’t do all of these at once. Also, some of these still have to go through the idea and refinement phase. This roadmap allows for people to start looking at how to tackle B while other people work on A, so that by the time A is done they can smoothly transition to B, and so forth.


Please scale these up as you grow. That’s the issue with the current ones, it’s like 10 tokens for level 200s and up.

I already had it in there :wink:


Scaling drops in gold chests would be lovely. A level 50 and 250 would get prizes of equivalent progression, making every pack purchase of similar to all player levels.

Sorry I had misunderstood, is it possible to the details of check-in rewards or should we wait for a blog next week?


That’s a next-week thing. I don’t even have all the details in front of me.


lol quite impatient I guess


Don’t get me wrong, there are some good things here, but this doesn’t give me a lot of hope that the 300 wall is going to get the attention that it needs in time. Too many big players are quitting and the only answer we have is “we are looking into it”. That and I also find it disappointing that the A/B testing was not acknowledged, and presumably will continue. Those two things going untouched mean that I won’t spend on the game, because there isn’t any value anymore.

But I like the transparency, and I am glad the GPF is being consulted.


Just FYI I’m going offline for the night soon, and I won’t be on much tomorrow (Thursdays are bad for Jared). I will be picking these topics back up as much as I can and my team will also be hopping in as well. All of your feedback is being shown to the team and it will help direct what we work on in 2019.


I would presume that this is something that has already been suggested if I knew anything about some members of the GPF :upside_down_face:


Well, so far so good. Sounds really well, now lets hope these things work without 500 New Bugs :smiley:


Just keeping you honest buddy :kissing_heart:


Does Jared always talk in third person? Is Jared a man’s real name? A girl does not like when Jared Keeper of Pans becomes faceless.


Drops were higher back then… used to be 4k tokens

Truthfully speaking, I’ve never seen someone get a single one in their nose :joy:

A Jared has no name :joy:


Cautiously optimistic… just hope these new ideas are better than whoever thought these new daily packs were a good thing


I appreciate the specifics of what is coming next week, and appreciate even more that it sounds from this…

…like the GPF has been working quite hard on our behalf.

So my initial thoughts. well…I have to say…I don’t want fo focus only on the bad. But for the life of me I can’t figure out why one of the key focuses is not simply “progression.” Because so many issues revolve around broken progression. Or maybe I’m wrong. It’s also after 2AM so maybe I’m just too tired to comprehend what I’m reading. But why, oh why, isn’t progression a key focus in and of itself, and slated for more near-term, concrete steps toward being addressed? Maybe I’m supposed to see the timers and chest drops as the start of this? But that feels more than a little shaky to me.

I’d like to be optimistic that it will be like the breeding discount: make a vague promise then deliver early. But…partially because the discount is badly done and a proper N-1 wasn’t implemented for that, I don’t really have high hopes that anything will every really be properly addressed. Bugs are important sure. But bugs aren’t why the 300 wall or towers are a problem as far as I’m aware, and it seems like those things should maybe be moved up on the priority pipeline, along with anything other things that have to do with progression, like scaling chests and whatnot.


This :+1:


The priorities seem sensible and cover pretty much everything that’s important to me.
Only thing I would ask is to try and move solving the 300 wall forward as much as possible. Specifically because it is a complicated one that will take time to solve properly I think it’s important to work out and discuss the solution as soon as you can, even if it delays some bug fixes.


Personally, I agree with a bugs first mindset, but I feel player happiness should be moved up priority-wise rather than having heavy focus for the latter parts of the year. I think it should be more swapped with the new user experience. As great as new users can be, some of them drop so quick. I get that’s why they might require sooner focus, but I believe without heavy focus on player happiness iniatives sooner more may leave and frankly that’s not something I (and probably many others) desire.

I will say I’m excited about the improved drop rates and a daily check in feature. Things are certainly looking up!


This is a minor issue but something I’ve always been curious about. When I first started, players told me they were able to use rubies to buy Elite. I understand that this feature was made to some of the first players of the game but anyway to add something like this to other players? I’ve played for about 2 years now, would be nice to spend some rubies on Elite (or Atlas Elite even) vs spending the cash every time. I’ve just thought it was weird how some players can, and others can not use rubies


None of this made me happy, what would have made me happy was something in line with what you sent quitters, why can I not have a new iPhone or a cuddly dodo that you sent to people who quit the game trying to get them back, where is mine for staying loyal, playing though all the glitches, the crashes, the bad coding, the insulting drop rate, the worse , the cheats, the security issues the bad times, I stayed, we stayed, so where is my loyalty bonus or do you have to be disloyal to get gifts off WD/PG?,