War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


It’s literally in there, please don’t turn this into another entitled whiner thread and keep the feedback useful.


It’s general feedback, I just gave my feedback, please don’t reply just to get your post count up, they asked , I answered, unlike others I will not post again after posting my feedback, so please use your soapbox elsewhere,


A lot of saying the right things here.
Let’s hope it comes with follow through.

Please consider fixing root causes rather than applying band-aids. Adding more inflation may be easier but it will be much better to ruduce costs (remove inflation) rather than diluting the value of Ruby a pack.

Also I think on bugs you should take time to consider fixing “non critical bugs which have festered for long durations”. They will never be priority by impact, but it’s insulting we have known about some for so long. (And it’s creating a death of a thousand cuts)

And on the topic of monuments dropping 24 hour timers. I never expected they would drop at the same rate, but i wanted to suggest that maybe it would be as bad as you think I’d they did drop closer to their old rate. I know that would give crazy amounts of timers but it’s all activity based, and it takes crazy amounts of crazy amounts to matter. Maybe the size of the drop could scale to the size of the player similar to how good chests work up to a point.

But I personally believe if we make grinding worthwhile it strengthens the foundation. And obviously paid timers may need to be adjusted to ensure it’s still more economical to buy rather than grind for those who have more money than time. Forcing those with money and no time to spend time as well as money is a recipe for disaster.


We asked for player experience attention
We asked for bugfixes
We asked for insight
We asked for hope

You gave us all four. Thank you.

(There’s a cynical part of me that I’m smothering right now with tons of doubts and questions. I hope that part will slowly grow silent as you continue to regain trust)


Am I missing the part where something meaningful is being addressed? Can’t help but notice that general game balance, and spending gap isn’t really discussed here… looks like nothing but a series of vague goals and promises. Only thing concrete is monument drops? Like WTH!?!


Perhaps nothing of major importance was mentioned but see the brighter side ?

  • PG or at least Jared and team has been more open with us in the last few weeks than ever before.

  • They are listening to player feedbacks on at least some of the discussions and doing fixes where possible, like the couple of event changes and the immediate bug fixes during the 4.92 release.

  • They are discussing major changes to team with GPF for the first time, and actually having communication with player base before just randomly throwing around things.

  • And finally giving us some promises on discussions and fixes on major issues (300+ wall being mentioned) throughout this year.

I know it’s nothing major but IMO ever since I started playing (10 months now) this is the first time that there has been such a positive change. I think at the least we could stay Patient instead of constantly whining about everything to see how these changes take place over the weeks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Perhaps,the progression issue is too large to tackle and needs a lot of design work - and the longer it takes to fix, the bigger the problem gets and the longer it takes to figure out a solution, and the problem gets bigger, so it takes more time to fix - which lets the problem get bigger . . .


I really like that you are being more open and transparent with your work! Really makes me more optimistic for the future :+1:

I know it is impossible to incorporate every Player Feedback or make everybody happy, but it is good that you are trying here!


I’ve been thinking about these changes and here’s what they mean in real tangible terms everyone can understand…

I may be very Jaded but it just seems like more of the same…on the surface it all sounds great but hidden in the carefully selected language is the truth. Prove me wrong.


I am so naive…

I hope that this 24 h will be like the 3 h now…


Fat chance


Would be lovely but seems unlikely. Because then they would have said it’s a 700% increase, not a 50% one.


The more I think about this the more disappointed I am to be honest. A slight change to monument drops, finally getting the daily check in bonus that new accounts have been getting for months, and the ability to craft 24 hour timers don’t put a dent in the 300 wall. As far as any changes to progression, we have nothing other than “we are talking about it” which is the same answer we have been getting for years. This change has been described as “fairly drastic” so I can only assume that PG doesn’t really plan on fixing the 300 wall, at least not in any meaningful way, if a minuscule change in monument drops is considered fairly drastic.

I appreciate the transparency, at least now I know not to get my hopes up. The more PG lets this sit the worst it gets, and I don’t feel that there was any indication that PG plans on fixing this in a timely matter though.


So they gave us talk… and this make up for 3+ years of poor game management to you?


I do hope it’s also in consideration that progression should still be harder as you get higher? If chests, drops, and dailys scale with player equal to inflation per lvl than a lvl 500 lvls at the same rate as a lvl 10, which ain’t right.


I hope this never happens… unless it scales down lol


Sounds like they hired a political consultant??
Lots of great promises but no real change!

So on staff, psychologists and lobbyists!

Can they hire more programmers and designers? That would be great!


Idk about down, but everyone seems to be pushing for equal cause they get higher and then can’t build like they used to so complain about not enough timers.


giving bigs more will just make the bigs bigger (and thus increasing an already way too large gap between the whales and even the moderate spenders). That’s why i am very against scaling chests based on level. It is a bad idea…


Jaded is only one letter off from Jared… Coincidence? I think not.


The devil is absolutely in the details. I guess they are at least acknowledging that SOMETHING needs to be done about these 4 areas of the game.

We have be clamoring for them to fix the game before concentrating on new content for quite some time. Hopefully this new tact will make things better.

I wish the level wall was a higher priority but understand why it’s not. I will sit on my newly acquired vanguard egg that I can’t use for months (until I go from 315 to 330). My 500 days of timers nets me 3 levels if I only upgrade combat towers.

Here’s to hope and time will tell