War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


+50% expedite drops
not much of a difference unless this also includes the expedites rewarded from opening chests

+30% drop rate of chests
** I’m looking forward to testing this one out and glad that its set to be one of the first to hit the game


It will be a good 2019 experience .if all of these happens :+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4::+1:t4:


Am I the only one noticing this. As of current the bug fix thread is in last in post count 1/3 that of the player happiness thread? Bug fixes are of main and first concern, shouldn’t we be focusing there?


In your view yes.

In mine having a good game is higher priority. I can deal with a few bugs if the game is good enough. Right now I’m finding less and less motivation to play regardless of if the cloak bug or equestor bug is fixed


What about how this whole game has turned into P2W? You’re not going to make the game more balanced aren’t you?


I do appreciate the transparency.

In my mind the top priority is around rewards and their scaling to match how the game has evolved. Doing that right would help address the progression complaints as well as the 300 wall that big players keep shouting about. The first announcements are a step in the right direction, but I feel like the step is quite small in comparison to the actual gap there is to bridge.


Not my view

From Roadmap post and Jared “The beginning of the year is going to be primarily dedicated to bug bashing.” “The reason that bug bashing is happening first is because we recognize that a lot of improvements just simply won’t matter if the game is broken for a player.”

It wouldn’t let me quote, only copy.


Can you please clarify this part
Because it looks for me that I must write from my 20lvl noob account to make my opinion be worth anything here
In which universe “experience” of new players worth more,then old ones?
You said earlier that you have been thinking about bringing back Ashen Alliance chat
What’s up with that?
Fixing 300 wall is cool.
But just a quick note here
When you bring discount for > 300 players I get nothing. Same as ppl higher then me
Been waiting patiently for 300+ discount.
Today,when I reached 333,you bringing new discount,and it will help exactly the same group of ppl

If it a specific intention to piss off old players and listen and help new players?
Is it because we already gave enough money and don’t have such potential as new players?
I’m sorry for being harsh,I’m just not sure why we seeing such kind of discrimination here now

I might get bad for this,but I can’t stay polite anymore
This forum rn is ruled by ppl who are mostly clueless in all aspects and can’t see more far,then their own “home” and don’t care how it will affect the game
You can’t ask ppl who saw only 30% of whole game about their opinion and take it as a valuable

I’m happy that Gox,Mech,Lutrus and others still able to talk here.
Since most of ppl who actually makes some sense already silenced,because they are too rude or toxic.

If you want to make players happy,try to listen for a whole player base,not only those,who are most vocal here.


It sounds to me that the odds of getting a 24 hour drop from a monument will be the same as getting a gold chests from a monument. I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of gold chests I have gotten from monuments in 2 years…


I’m pretty sure players have detailed enough bugs already to keep the team busy for several years. I believe the bug thread is short because we don’t feel the need to go back and recreate a list of bugs that PG already knows all about. In my mind at least, that thread needs the least feedback.


You’re not wrong. I hope to find a few new bugs in that thread and make it easier for my team to prioritize things, but I knew it was going to be the smaller thread from the get-go.

(I’ll do a bigger response to a lot of the key points being brought up once I have time.)


Fantastic and love the detail.

Thanks again, this is definitely the right direction.:grinning::+1:t2:


I think they are confusing the 'first check-in of the day" from the Bounty Harbor with this new Daily reward.


For those of us that fought through the 300+ wall these changes are negligible. The only real reward I have received from PG was when I was lucky enough to be included in the A/B testing for leveling up. The current packs are a joke by the way. Why not just include a mythic ballista rune? It has as much value.


Wanted to say thank you for the response. I sincerely hope that this doesn’t turn out to be just another, “tell them what they want to hear, then do whatever we were doing.”. All together, sounds pretty good. Wife will be most happy with her War Dragons Christmas present. Thanks.


what sounds good? they didn’t promise to fix anything meaningful.


This thread is an amazing idea. PG should maybe think about having a platform where players could voice their thoughts and dissatisfaction on a regular basis…

Oh wait… :roll_eyes:


PG needs to put serious though into the 300 wall. A lot of us have been dealing with it for a while. I will be beyond 400 for sure by late 2019 and will be quite pissed if as soon as im 400 They fix 300 and do nothing for me. I imagine most players past this “300” wall will be. It’s not like breeding scaling where older dragons have less value now. The towers don’t really lose value because every time a new tier comes out, the towers just level up more. The only cases where towers lose value is when a new tower comes along like the earth flak that devalues a storm tower.

This is a serious problem for PG. They will not make everyone happy with a simple fix like cut the wall in half across the board.


The towers do lose value. Lightening towers were the bomb when they were introduced. Then fire turrets were, then ice turrets were. I have probably 40 obsolete towers in storage.


Make ballista great again!