War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


Then simply we disagree. Your situation may be different. But for me, despite having bugs that have prevented me playing atlas effectively for weeks, being refused a freeze on elite until the fix for said bug, dealing with bugs relating to dragons I fly regularly (cloak, disable, anything to do with slyphen), and having bugs that have remained unfixed for multiple years, I would happily take all of those if it genuinely fixed the core issues and made me want to play despite these.

That’s not me saying they shouldn’t be fixed. But a bug free game that is unrewarding and unfun is irrelevant. A slightly buggy game that is a blast and that I can’t wait to play is very much relevant. That is my view. I have no intention of getting sucked into another long debate with you here over opinions so this will be my last response to you here.

Both threads have huge merit IF promises are kept.


I’m going to be both honest and blunt here.

This attitude - that because a few have worked through the levels despite the cost, and therefore everyone should have to pay the same cost - is what will cause the game to collapse. This attitude creates a no-win scenario for PG, where they desperately need to address this issue, but people with this attitude won’t stand for it.

Let’s say, just for argument, that the solution they come up with is to address the 300 wall by correcting the XP awarded for leveling towers, without modifying the times those towers need to bake. Now, players who have been getting approximately 1 level every 1.2 tower upgrades will continue to do so, rather than getting 1 level every 4 tower upgrades (which is what makes the wall).

So, in theory, this makes people who have not yet hit 300 happy, and people who are in the mid-300’s happy, but people who are in the 400’s and beyond are unhappy. Not because they won’t benefit directly from this change (they would - because such scaling would extend to towers in their level range as well), but because other people will have it easier than they did.

Ok, so here’s a solution for you. What if PG takes all of the XP that you should have earned for your towers, and retroactively tacks that on to your account. At this point we will have achieved parity. People who are in the 400’s would suddenly be in the 800’s, and anomalies like Harv and Princess would be something like level 1300.

With the exact same towers that you currently have on your bases. Talk about an absolute shit-storm; we have problems now where 387’s can take out 4-500’s…imagine if 387’s were taking out 800+. :laughing:

But when we get right down to it, the threat of discontinuing spending at the top of the pile will only carry weight so long as there are people actually spending. Many have already stopped, because the game needs to be fixed. And now others are threatening to stop if the game is fixed.

There’s only one appropriate statement to be made here. What the actual fuck do you want them to do?


Scale the amount of time in gold chests based upon player level, just like they do with XP, and to a comically lesser extent, food and wood packs.


God no… do not scale gold chests!


This is my concern. All of these things have been said to death. Don’t get me wrong I love the communication and I have been literally waiting for you guys to give me a reason to stay.

These threads are good. BUT they are half a year late. This information has been thrown around the forums for years. The fact it’s being asked for again makes me worry that there were no plans to fix these issues until the players kicked off.

The fact that this information has been around this long and no action has been taken worries me that these issues won’t be fixed. The goodwill banks are running on empty and while I really hope this is a change that will help the game, we need changes to these issues soon. We need proof these things are going to happen. We need to see change. I want this to work. History doesn’t make this look promising unfortunately. Prove me wrong please


What I want then to do:

Balance all towers so they are all viable options.

Introduce effective catch-up mechanisms

Make it so Exp continued to increase after tower level 45.

Introduce a system for someone to effectively adapt their bases as the game changes.

Put Value back in the packs.

Nerf gear

That would be a start. Once these are done I have many more for them to do.


The Atlas Rollout would be awesome for newish Plat teams :slight_smile:


Nerfing gear would be the last straw for me …seriously it’s the only thing of value in this game right now I have spent on that gear and if that happens I am done for good. People want everything for free. Well let’s face hard facts here if the spenders stop spending and everything is free is game is gone very quickly. Sorry but you shouldn’t have all the bells a whistles if you play for free I have been playing and spending for over 3 years now but that spending is coming to an end. Look how many spenders and end game players have left the game already. Someone who’s just starting out now should have to put some time and or money into the game or just settle for hitting lower bases and not getting everything handed to them. Sorry if this is unpopular but it’s the cold hard fact. I agree more value should be put into packs we all need more timers and less black pearls base boosts fire and ice fragments etc. but if gear gets nerfed say goodbye to the game


Dire gear does nothing for you. The bases you hit likely have equivalent defensive gear to your offensive gear. Remove both and nothing changes. boost both and nothing changes. Gear was nothing but a 50% nerf that demands you to spend to fix. nothing more.

Admittedly though, the gear nerf was last on my list for a reason.

And who is asking for everything for free?


People have spent time and money to get gear you can’t take that away that’s the only thing that increases your dragons and base now and you can’t make a feature people have spent on and then say oh let’s take it away now cause some people think it’s useless sorry but it’s the biggest thing this game has to offer now.


my point is it isn’t offering you anything except not allowing you to use certain dragons because you either dont have that gear type or dont have an extra of that gear type. I know you have some nice gear, but how many of each type do you have? What is that gear really doing for you? It isn’t actually making the dragons you are using any stronger, its an illusion Dire. Gear in no way made the game better, and thats why i hate it. It was just a distraction and money grab.


It may have been a money grab that I will grant you but you can’t say nerf it after people spent to get it how is that fair ?



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Do you just complain without even reading? I never said one was above the other in merit, only that with it being said, like I just stated last post, that bugs are first up so maybe we should try and focus on that.
Nothing to do with my opinions on issues.


Life isn’t fair, and i dont want them to abolish it completely. But I am interested in a well designed and balanced game more than fairness, and gear doesn’t contribute to a well designed and balanced game, in fact it works against it. They now have to revisit every spell in the game because the OP gear has messed with spells effectiveness.

Also my stance on this hasn’t changed. I spoke out against the initial 4X buff they put on gear back in April. I stand by that buff was a bad call.


Alternate revenue sources that don’t affect gameplay should be high on PGs list. Ideally, it could even make other aspects of the game cheaper


This is why I said some serious thought and also not everyone will be happy.

Think of the money that is spent just to get let’s say 6 or 7 levels per fort after the wall (and we will consider that from 300-315 or so came with timers saved from prior to 300). As a spender I struggle with more than 5 or so. Between the 2 previous forts I spent significant money to get from 343 to 348 when I really wanted 350. I don’t know the answer, maybe a timer compensation based on level. I honestly don’t mind paying some money to play and my Google receipts will prove that. I know PG has to make money and I never trust a game that says you don’t need to spend lol.

Yes the wall sucks, I’m to the point that I can level without without restriction based on dragon tier and I can’t do it because I’m only doing well and not rich. I’m certainly not saying it should not be fixed. Im simply saying some thought should go to the players that spent good time and money to get through it when you are devaluing those levels.

Maybe the player base has some ideas on how all this can be accomplished. Im reasonable, I would not expect a 100% payout on the difference in timers it would take after the fix vs. before, and I would certainly not expect $$ compensation return. I completely understand your point, hopefully you understand mine to some extend. I dont think I came off as trying to start an arguement here but rather a discussion on how to help PG get this taken care of with the base hopefully all as happy as possible. So many have been so negative including myself lately, I would love to see this work as a positive when it is fixed. Im tired of being pissed of at PG.


Kill inflation… have packs have less in them for the same relative cost, but correspondingly decrease what people need to level. This will start to close the gap between spenders and grinders and help overall progression. The last thing we need is to start increasing what players can buy… this game is already out of wack.

Perception is a bitch though.


And her husband, Reality, is an asshole


This game brings back memories of the $1,000 app https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Am_Rich