War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


I don’t understand why there can’t be a simple XP scaling fix. So up to 300 it’s at roughly 100k now, instead of jumping up to apx 400k XP, make Harb tier (300-330) be 200k, make Vans (330-360 let’s say) be 300k, and make Empyrean (360-400) be 300k. This could be applied retroactively for anyone above the wall and the super giant bases wouldn’t be effected that much since the XP wall grows exponentially higher anyways. And does it really matter if a 600 becomes a 630 overnight?


Pretty sad when your fan base is skeptical …

Hopeful - but skeptical.

Please, do right by us players


Well said, and thanks for that response.


Problem is someone like me (342) would easily become a 375+ overnight with retroactive scaling… I like the idea, but it’s not practical


But why exactly isn’t it practical? It would put you exactly where future players would be with the same amount of XP…

Edit: or exactly where we should be if the XP wasn’t so screwed when we hit 300…


why isn’t a retroactive adjustment practical?


Or they just make it so EXP continues to scale on towers levels past 45… no need to change how much exp is required per level, just how much exp we get for tower levels over 45.


Yep that would be another very easy way to do it.


Plus my way would level people more appropriately I think. So many low 300’s with a kill island of 70’s which are much stronger than some 350’s with short bases of 60-65’s.


Answering you both at once, big reason for me is atlas… 350+ is full glory for everyone, adding 30 levels but no defensive power or anything hurts my base extremely, also I’ll fall pretty far behind in storage upgrades and builder hut upgrades instantly


I agree LX. If one minute timers are being replaced by 24hr, that means with a 50% increase that you’ll need to replace 16hrs worth of one minute drops with one 24hr. Ask yourself how many one minute drops you’ve seen and how long it would take to accumulate 960 of those?


Pfft you’d recover quickly. Plus your dragons would get a boost :blush:


Why do I get the feeling this will be like the Player Request Thread from like two years ago. Y’all asked for player feedback, got it, and basically did nothing at all :rofl: then eventually closed it down once people realized it was pointless. I hope you guys are planning to ACTUALLY do something instead of just giving us false hope once again.


Well 342 probably gives 97% so there isn’t much stopping 500s from hitting us now​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2: I can only speak for myself, but my storage is capped and at 350 I can upgrade hut to max because I already have enough eggs. So if we actually went to the “correct level” we would only be behind 4 storage upgrades. At 342 I would assume everyone is roughly in the same boat.


You kidding? I’m still not caught up to the shit I had to fix :joy: new towers don’t help that


Happiness target - get rid of: Kingdom Wars


Hey folks,

I’m going to respond to a few of the key topics / questions I’m seeing on here. Me quoting a specific person isn’t a callout to them, it’s just that they encapsulated one of the ideas floating around. Don’t think I’m trying to start an argument or something.

Progression is something we’re looking at, it’s just being broken into chunks. New player experience, 300+ wall, etc all feed into progression issues. If you have any specific initiatives you’d like to see done to address specific progression issues we are more than happy to listen.

So, it’s not like we’re not working on this at all until later in the year. This is the kind of project that needs an idea phase, a spec, etc. Bugs don’t need that. There’s a bug, go fix it. It goes straight into the engineering work. So while our engineering folks are working heavily on bugs, our PM / Designers / other folks can work on how they want the 300 wall to be resolved and then hand off to engineers for doing the coding work once that’s complete. If we manage to knock out the idea / spec / meeting phase stuff early, great! I’m just saying it’s more of a process than fixing a bug.

There’s literally a “player loyalty” section in there. It’s already planned.

Definitely. That’s our goal and why it’s a 2019 roadmap instead of a bunch of slapdash out the door stuff. As we get closer to go-live dates on things and we post more information it’s my hope y’all will continue to provide feedback on whether or not you feel things are viable solutions to underlying problems.

Feel free to ask questions. Be cynical. Don’t take what I say in a rosy light. It’s the only way to have a good discourse on this. Just keep it constructive please.

I mean, it’d double it. Also, that isn’t something we could have reasonably gotten done before the appstore shutdown / holidays. Is it something we can do in 2019? Quite possibly! I’m more than willing to press the team for features like that to address underlying issues around the expedite economy.

It’s not. That’s one of the things we’re working on. There are plenty of elder-player features in there as well. I’m pretty sure the 300+ experience isn’t the new user experience.

To my understanding it’s a completely different feature. I will try to get something in front of everyone’s eyes tomorrow if I can.

The cadence for that was too short and there were a lot of problems around over-promising. I get the frustration, but we’re not at the point where a monthly player-request stream is super viable. I’d like to get us there though.

I think all of these except the last one are being discussed. I don’t know that 100% of them will make it in, but tower balancing / catch-up mechanics / tower xp / base restructuring / improved value packs all have people actively looking into them. Put those suggestions in the other discussion threads if you don’t mind.

The whole team is aligned behind the ideas of getting these things done. This is our internal goal-set as well as external.


Those few things you mentioned or what the community wants? There’s a difference.


It’s not difficult. Simply reduce the spending needed?
200k level 301 to 400
300k level 401 to 500
400k level 501+?

Increase the clock/timer drops?

Honestly that’s a dead simple change surely to help ease the pain?


Those things are just the beginning “these are some of the things we’re discussing” that’s why there are the feedback / suggestion threads.