War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


The 300 wall has been a problem since before I started the game, and now I’m actively dealing with it. Can you please tell us what specific measures are being considered to fix it? Players have been throwing out suggestions for the past year (at least). If the “roadmap” for 2019 is to figure out how to fix it, rather than actually implement the fix, then basically it is never getting fixed is what you are telling us. At the end of 2019 we will be talking about the 500 wall instead. And please don’t say the monument drops and forge crafting, as those will provide no appreciable benefit to anyone over 300.


Hell NO!
Ppl have been working super hard to get it
It will be an insta Apple refunds wave

Instead of this they could have fix Hammers spam issue


I was simply pointing out the fact for those that may be casually reading that replacing 1 min timers with 24 hours timers doesn’t mean they are at a 1:1 rate. Pulling my quote out of context was a cheap shot.


I see, good intentions. Nothing concrete or detailed enough to suspect there will be real progress. If I understand the flow, we can expect player loyalty at the end of next year. Maybe folks will hang on that long. Maybe…IF the deal of the day is any indication of the future, I will weep for the player base today.


If all gear is reduced by 50% in terms of effectiveness, your gear still performs relatively as well as it previously did.


So what is the point of it?
Mine will,sine it’s maxed.
Some ppl won’t have any bonuses for weak gear
We spent time and money for what? (Gox wrote the price which ppl payed for gear.)
I personally never spent on it,but worked hard.
With reduction of effectivity it will mean that we supposed to spend less shards and scrolls on it
I’m not a charity organization🤷🏻‍♀️
If you will nerf both gears types it will be almost same what we have now
Just ppl’s effort will be gone in trash


Working hard for it or not, does not make that 4x buff a good change. I’ll admit it is kind of late now though.


It’s to reduce the absolute benefit of it. You honestly think it makes a lick of sense that you can double tower and dragon strength by throwing armor on some dope who sits on a dragon? Gear broke balance.


This is the simple math of it. Is this what you’d call a game changer?


If you want to talk about player happiness here is something that I would like to see.

A guideline for compensation when you have a bug or an issue impacting a player.
For now you’re not compensating for bug or sync issues.

Because you are not compensating for error, you don’t measure the impact of bug. If you start compensating player for mistake or sync issue you would start to track those metric and put value between the different issue you see.


If you work on something you must have it
That’s my point
Enough nerfing
I was against the gear from the beginning.But since I already put A LOT on it I can’t see any sense in changing it rn


Your gear will provide the exact same relative benefit as it currently does. You won’t notice any nerf. The bases you destroy today will be the exact same bases if gear gets scaled back. The dragons you shoot down today will be the exact same dragons you shoot down if gear gets scaled back. What are you opposing, exactly?


A bad feature is a bad feature. Regardless how much work you put into that feature. It not about you, or me (I have several max or almost max sets too).

I love my max ice gear… what I don’t live is the fact that I have 3 viable ice dragons… it’s just idiotic that lack of three sets makes top tier dragons useless. Gear should give dragons an edge, not determine weather or not they are even usable.


Just read it again and answer me one question
Why it must be nerfed then?


I kinda just answered that for him


You aren’t nerfing something if it isn’t being nerfed.

Also, mike answered like 5 times already. In case you still don’t get it, it broke balance. Dragons that should be good are useless because of gear. Dragons that should be good with gear are still useless because of defensive gear.

Reduce the absolute benefit and keep the relative benefit the same. What’s the problem?


I’m not sure that Mike and Noob talks about same change.
And I honestly can’t understand how you can help anyone with nerfing both gears with same reduction %
It’s basically “gear rollback”
It won’t change the difference in attack between attacker and defender
Same as now,when A growing dragon gear,while D growing base dear
It will be same difficulty lvl between both of them

Of you want to change buff number which gear will give to dragon and base?


It’s not a nerf.


I’m repeating the way how it was called
Basically,I’m not sure that I’m understanding in which way you want to nerf it
But it’s definitely a BS that ppl will get epic gear buff for Elite,which they get with crazy money/effort
You can’t tell ppl,that they will get X benefit,and then just change the grade of it

If I understood Gox correctly,dragons with gear will get good buff with a new spell boost
And dragons without won’t be that effective
Which makes perfect sense

Another question is … if you think that this incoming buff is too hight-it makes sense to discuss it
But it’s not a gear issue
Let ppl keep what they worked for ffs


Ya it’s Dirty that PG made it so OP and basically made us all work our asses off for it. But it doesn’t change that it is OP and should be changed IMO. I was against it when they buffed it, and I still am. The fact that I have it doesn’t change that I am against it in principle.

Anyways I know many people hate this idea. I just want people to ask themselves honestly, is gear not OP?