War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


Elite 100% down to 50%
Legendary 80% down to 40%
Epic 40% down to 20%
Rare 20%? down to 10%?
Common Bad down to more bad

Let’s say dragons are X, and bases are Y. X should equal Y. Let’s say max gear doubles dragon and tower strength.
2X = 2Y
X does not equal 2Y. Not even close
1.5X = 1.5Y
X still doesn’t equal 1.5Y but it’s not nearly as bad. And your precious max gear still performs just as well against other maxed gear things! Wow! It’s almost like it’s still just as valuable! Or would you prefer 200% buffs from gear now? I think that’s exactly what we need.

Nothing is being nerfed. A nerf implies it’s weaker than before or no longer performs the way it used to. In context, nothing is weaker. Your stuff performs exactly the same. It’s also not a buff for obvious reasons. It’s scaling/balancing.


Yeah,I’m agree with you
From the very beginning I clearly saw that it’s an Endless Story
You will up A gear, That Dude will up def
You will up yours-he will up his.
You will feel “progress”,” power increase” but you both ate literally running together happily,wasting your time on items which will let you stay in shape :joy_cat:
However,I’m more interested in less iWin dragons, and fixed hammers mechanics
Which could have help both sides to have some fairness
But obviously,ppp who can’t fly won’t love dragons,which require skills
And ppl who use to spam hammers won’t love their bases being smashed badly
Not trying to be too grumpy,I do love you a lot,just trying to make it more clear for myself


I don’t agree with nerfing the gear, but I do agree that it’s pretty frustrating that a dragon without a rider and gear is basically un-useable, but it costs rubies to instantly swap a rider. At the very least there should be no “bonding,” players should be able to swap riders as they see fit, and really, players should be able to shift around gear on riders without spending rubies as well.


If every dragon and tower in the game had their health and attack reduced by 50% each, was anything nerfed?


I get what you’re saying “dragons with no gear should stand a chance against a geared base”… however I think this is derailing the thread at this point


Ok,I can’t quote this for some reason
But here is my vision
Yes,it won’t change balance
You just literally wrote,that Elite will drop 50% which will be equal lower tier gear
So try to calculate number of Troops which ppl lost,getting 5-7 elite sets
Then calculate shards and scrolls,which ppl spend,crafting Legendary
And explain them who will compensate all this stuff
And why it’s a needed change


Boooo! That’s not fun(((


Yes, in this scenario (pre-spell scaling), hammers were nerfed. (Because they work off adjusted HP.)

This functions as an indirect buff to warriors, which I think is bad for the game.

Oni doesn’t need to become more powerful.


Well…ppl said in thread that “Warriors must be great again”
Who got all stones on herself there?:woman_shrugging:t2::speak_no_evil::grimacing::joy_cat:
Unfortunately,Mech’s amazing idea have been ignored
And most primitive have been used


Holy shit the gear would still be just as useful as it currently is. What don’t you understand? EVERYTHING drops proportionally.



Compensate what? Your. Gear. Still. Works. Exactly. The. Same. Jesus. Fuck.


I thought we hated hammers though :frowning:

Yep and I’m officially done with this.


Wasn’t meant to be a shot at you and was combined with someone else’s quote. Just saying that you should absolutely question and critique what I’m saying, combined with an ask that folks keep it constructive (not saying you weren’t constructive).

That’s something I can have my team put together. There’re a lot of variables, but I’m sure we can have something before the end of the month.


So hard work and spending for this gear means nothing …let’s just give everyone maxed bases and all the dragons right from day 1 for free that will make for a really exciting game all the dragons the same all the bases the same that sounds like a real fun way to play


You loosing ability to keep constructive conversation I think
Read up and you will get all answers there


Those things would still be beneficial to have…


Yeah,but basically buffs will be rolled back(even if it will be done for a whole game)
But stuff which we spent won’t be given back
Also,with new buffs how you seeing cost of lvling those gears and crafting them?
Will it be old cost for a new buff?
Or it should cost less?


Costs never changed when they buffed gear originally so why would it need to change?


Prehaps it’s time to park my accounts and check back in at the end of next year. We have waited long enough on this wall. Anyone know a good rehab center for War Dragons addicts?


I can recruit you to my other game meanwhile :joy_cat:


I hope you’re not also one of the ones that have no problem saying most dragons are useless, only a few towers are worth it, and breed this route only?

Seems like the current gameplay… edit: it’s already like the way you fear, what can be done for that?


Isn’t 65s cap lvl for 300 ?