War Dragons 2019 Roadmap General Feedback


You can’t get 65s until 300. But the time you level one to 65 you’ll be 301.


I don’t know :joy: I said low 300’s anyways


Not even sure how we got on this topic but I agree with you.

PG deliberately buffed (their word) Atlas gear from 25/25 to 80/80 because they felt it was too expensive for what you got and didn’t make a noticeable real world difference (a cynic might think it was also because it wasn’t selling well enough at 25/25).

Question the wisdom of such a substantial buff (I did and do) but they did it. It happened. De novo review as if it never occurred is not possible. A lot of people were enticed to buy this very expensive gear due to the buffed stats.

To turn around and cut the bonuses in half would be a disaster from a business perspective and screw over the people who financially support PG. I very much doubt it would ever be considered by the relevant decisionmakers.



It seems like a lot of the negativity that still exists is based on how vague some of these promises are (like fixing the 300 wall at some point next year). Could you please get with your team and give us some deadlines for proposals to the community. So instead of “we’re contemplating things” let us know “we will have an idea to present to the community (or GPF) by January 15th.” That way we can track if there is actual follow through. Some of these issues have been around for years, so I understand their lack of faith that a change will happen in a reasonable time. I think two big ones we’d love timelines for are the 300 wall (or progression as a whole rather) and updating the economy to match the now exorbitant costs of dragons, towers, and increasingly expensive seasonal mythics.

I think for that last one in the interim you could probably release a one time purchase pack to all players of 30k rubies and gold chests or other goodies like elemental shards or egg tokens for $20. Watch the sales skyrocket and make some folks happy. I’m sure someone will complain about that last bit but whatever :kissing_heart:

Vanguard player gets the tier for free?

Lets see if I can try and help you guys say this a bit differently for clarification

For balance

Reduce the direct advantage gear provides any given dragon
-base stat difference between a dragon with max gear and no gear is a lower % increase.

If this is done for all gear across the board your relative advantage provided by gear vs other players remains unchanged.
-your relativistic power advantage vs different gear levels stays the same as those with gear are all taking the same % reduction in total gear boost.

key words:
Direct - without intervening factors or intermediaries.
Relative - considered in relation or in proportion to something else
Advantage - a condition or circumstance that puts one in a favorable or superior position.

It’s not really a devalue it would be a re-balance as they said.

It would make little #s wise for bases/dragons of similar gear levels. It would make bigger difference as the disparity between gear levels increases but if you’re fully geared and they aren’t…does it matter that much? I think thats the question people against what Mike is saying should be asking.


Wonderful things can happen when companies and their consumers put their heads together.

Well done, my friends… Well. Done.


Are they good? I have a fondness for Cheez-Its, though I haven’t had one since May.


First time trying them but I like them better than the original.


What I like seeing most from this post, is actual communication about acknowledging the issues and having a general timeline. Totally understandable if timelines get moved but having communication about it is better than not knowing anything. Having a general idea on what y’all are trying to do is a good thing for sure. Let’s us know you’re actually trying to improve upon things.

So kudo’s

Also, can we address keeping last seasons double tokens? :grin: or maybe swap the 125 for 200%. I’d never go for the 125 but I could be tempted to go for a 200 or even maybe a 300 that unlocks with the second rollout of dragons :man_shrugging:t2::eyes:


Keep yelling at the “powers that be” that happy players won’t kill the game :stuck_out_tongue:


I want to know what is being done about the 500 wall.


I hate to get in the middle of this discussion, but I have to say that I don’t want to see gear nerfed at this point. I can agree with those who say that the initial bar was set too high, but at this point the toothpaste is out of the tube and you can’t put it back in.

I get that if you were to nerf gear strength between me and someone else of similar gear strength then there would be no relative change to our difference in strength, per se. But the difference comes in when you are looking at someone who has spent a lot on gear and someone who has not. For example, if you have someone with 100% gear that goes to 50% and someone with 20% gear that goes to 10%. It’s rather a big difference and it’s not relatively the same though the percentage change is the same. The power difference between those two players goes from 20%- 100% to 10%- 50%. So an 80% power differential goes to a 40% power differential between those two players. Sure, it’s still a big difference, but it’s not what that person spent and worked for.

Yes, you can argue that such a huge difference shouldn’t be allowed in the game. But, again, that’s what PG marketed and sold, and that’s what people have worked and paid for. So I just don’t see how it’s fair to take that away at this point.


I will never understand people who support a bad game mechanic simply because they have adapted to it. It wouldn’t be completely fair, It was never fair for them to boost gear 4X in the first place. It messed up the game on many levels, even a max vanguard dragon is useless if you dont have the gear for it. that is a broken function IMO. Regardless of how fair it is or not, it should be fixed.

In the examples you gave only show how broken it is. Gear never should have offered an 80% power differential between two dragons, same level of the same tier.


just replace 1min drops by 3 min drops and add 24 hour drops with drop rate close to nil and you’ll get even more than 50% time outcome from the monuments drops. But this will change nothing at all. Looks like manipulation. And you are not gonna remove those pityfull 1min drops from the boats…WHY? Quote from another forum branch where ppl are asking about time required to build up a base to full lvl75:

"…lets assume i gave you a free max base. Just to keep it up to date will cost you thousands a year… never mind the cost to build it to start. does that help? to put it in perspective we get a new tier twice a year. with each new tier comes 10 tower levels. a max base would need to build 360 tower levels every 6 months + farms and infastructure builds. Thats 60 builds per building event at 57 days each (actaully say 39 days due to research and all the build time reductions). So at 39 days you still need 6.5 years worth of timers per build event just to maintain a max base…

37 days after all reasearch and current max rider bonus. So, its about 6 years per event.

If you dont spend and is very active in all events, grinding bronze chests all the time, opening gold chests for rubies from rewards, pvp in atlas and opening those branches you can accumulate like 9k x 1hr, 1k x 3hr and 400 x 12hr ~ 2 years between building event. This is the absolute maximum estimation (ive got such amount only once). So, you’ll need to buy another 4 years per event. Its about 35 000 hours. You gain about 22 hours per 1 gold chest on avg (check mechengg’s tables on the forum). So you need to buy 14 packs with 35k rubies and 25 chests every building event.
#pggreed Finally, 1.4-1,5k bucks per event just to !keep up! the full base.

If you wanna build from scratch prepare those mentioned 120k bucks cuz lvl cap is gonna rise in january, 2019."

Much more confident looking change is 30% bronze chests drop rate increase. We’ll get more time from the chests not from the monuments, if you wont change time outcome from the chests, ofc…which is possible. But even if we get 30% more time from the bronze, we still have to pay 1k+ buck per event to keep up full base and 500 bucks per event to keep up 15 battle towers base.

Sry guys, years of negative experience with you are working and dont let ppl just trust to even good looking changes. Everything must be checked in production before any optimism is gonna arise.


Drop the Nagging Support email survey.
Most times nothing is done to resolve problem & an automated response Is sent. Then we are asked about satisfaction.


Fair? It’s not quite fair, no. But then, the current situation isn’t exactly fair either.

Right now, power flows from Atlas; the bonuses given by Atlas gear are so absolutely insane that a player without Atlas (or without power in Atlas) may have HALF the health and damage on their dragons, HALF the health and damage on their towers, even if they have the same dragons, the same towers, at the same levels. And as such, those without power - and time with power - in Atlas, cannot really compete on anything even approaching a reasonable playing field with those who have it.

And Atlas? Atlas isn’t a war game as much as it is a political one, a money-dependent one at that. And one in which power accumulates over time. Which, practically speaking, means that short of “sucking up to those in power” and “trying to join those in power,” getting enough of a benefit even to level the playing field is not an option.

As with many of the other changes to the game, this strikes me not as a crippling blow to higher-tier players, who should be fighting primarily against enemies whose benefits neutralize their own anyway, but rather a high priority in order to allow new players to progress and compete.


If i would, what in your eyes would be a worthwhile monthly forging of expedites look like?
Feel free to put restrictions (player level, hut level, tower level, something) on the 24/48 hr expedite forging if you would like.
I want to see if we are on the same page or not :eyes:

keeping in mind that its purely passive, can queue half of month at a time pretty much


I know I wasn’t the one asked, but I’d say at least something similar to what we can build for free by using actual time. So that’s two months per month with elite. That’s around my level of 204, past 300 I guess it’d need to be about tripled to still stay relevant.

So I’d say

  • 24 hour timers require a lvl 200 forge, can be made in 24 hours.
  • 48 hour timers require a lvl 300 forge but can be made in 18 hours
  • Elite allows two slots to be forged simultaneously


I think you may have the ratio wrong here, i know you are going from 30->24->18 but the time keeps doubling :eyes:

12 : 30
24 : 24 (would be 2.5x)
48 : 18 (would be 6.6x original)


@mechengg Please forgive me if I’m out of my mind here… Could forging “capability” be scaled with tower level capability based on Player, or better yet, Builder Hut Level? Forge Level could also be considered. For example, at my current level, higher towers take about 57 days to build (Hut is L38). After research, etc, it’s around 42 days. Having the “ability” to forge enough to expedite just 1 upgrade per month would be nice. That’s if players only forged speed-ups and stayed on top of it. Its also more incentive to maintain the breeding/building balance to get required eggs to keep their builder hut upgraded appropriate to their level. Is it way more than the 11.2 days that we have now? You bet… but I don’t think it would do any major harm. I could be wrong though.