War Dragons 2021 Summit - Atlas Questions

Hey folks,

We are going to have a panel on Atlas content and gameplay as a part of the summit next week. To better provide the specific answers and information you want, we are going to open up a part of the panel for a Q&A. Please submit your questions here and we will choose some to answer as a part of the panel.



By “here” I mean click the link, please. Not, like, in a thread on the forum.


This should be pretty interesting!

I can’t comment on atlas gameplay… hahaha get it


@PGJared can you post the other panel q&a’s?

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How much of the Summit streams will be available to the public? Obviously, in the past it has primarily been a pretty private/VIP gathering with the public only getting to see a few very limited things that go on during it and a few discussions here and there.

Also any idea on who will be hosting the streams for it now that Galileo has left?


ok thank you

All of them. We’re going to stream the whole thing, then likely make it available via YouTube after.


Wow, awesome :heart_eyes:
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Can’t click link, it is leading me to my google chrome app info page.

Part one:
What is the type of new content, that you guys are working on?

Tired of new content in the form of new tiers, and new tower levels.
And same repititive events, altas season etc.

I Like new dragons designwise, but it’s becoming a bit too obvious now, some dragons are just released with spell kits interchanged from previous dragons.

When will there be a more creative spell kit?

Part 2
Why did you scrub off the idea of crusades.

Part 3
What are you going to do about players leaving the game from exhaustion?
The burden of game play for atlas and pvp events, wanting us to be 24/7 online for castle defenses, what are your work around for that?

For balanced top tier very active teams sure the 24/7 defense won’t be a problem, but that’s only a few teams, for majority of the other teams. It’s just mostly the officers being online all the time for defenses.

Part 4

What are you trying to do to get new people in? People are quitting the game at a faster rate than people coming to the game.
People are quitting the game at a faster rate than newer players being able to catch up, to be able to replace them.
Bigger teams are finding it hard to recruit people for their own league.
Ofc people wouldn’t be quitting so much if it weren’t for the issues addressed on question 3 and question 1.
Alot of new players are quitting before reaching level 100. ?

What is being done about attracting new people into the game?.

Part 5
I’ve read somewhere on the forums before, I think @Nakattack or someone brought this up.

Why not make the teams 30/30and adjust everything accordingly
Right now a lot of teams( not most but a lot) on the higher league ,have 10-15 active and rest 30
Just hoarding free prizes.
Probably help with recruitment and more teams would be formed.

I always wonder why the developer’s didn’t design atlas like a strategy game.

It’s my opinion that this has been a key fault of atlas since day one and a driver for player retention.

Simply put Atlas promotes stagnation and causes gameplay to grind to a halt. It is simply not satisfying to compete in atlas.

Strategy games have a core objective. With chess the objective is to put your opponent into checkmate.

With checkers the objective is to take all of your opponents pieces and really every strategy game has an objective.

Atlas just has weekly events. Weekly events are not an objective they should instead compliment the objective.

The objective should be positional dominance.

Conflict should be encouraged.

Right now the most efficient way to do events is to swap troops with friends in NML. I can earn 110,000 glory in 30 minutes by swapping with mates.

Attacking castles is frankly a waste of time. You need to spend hours researching castles. Checking bots to see who is online before starting a raid. Review no hit lists and alliance no hits. Then you need to spend hours to defend against retaliation hits all for perhaps 4,000 - 20,000 glory for tonnes of effort.

This causes stagnation because people choose the path of least resistance. Only Deadpool chooses the path of maximum effort.

And now it’s worse. All the gates are1000-1500 ranked teams that are worth nil glory.

All decent teams hide behind 4-5 hops of zero glory castles.

There is zero incentive to play atlas how it was designed because us players have worked the meta to our advantage.

Atlas has the bones but it needs the mechanics to work.

Here is my old post on what positional dominance might look like. And there are multiple ways to achieve the result this is just one of many options.

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Yes more teams to be eliminated by a defensive core objective that is designed to produce a winner or a loser or stagnation by elimination……
And yes 30/30 will temporarily provide us with escalation at the cost of further erosion of the player base and player retention as teams will be eliminated more rapidly!

30/30 is not a solution it’s the beginning of the end ….

A healthy vibrant game does not reduce its team size!
That’s the product of collapsing game if anything teams should be getting larger not smaller!

If we want to improve retention we might consider adding a reason to actually fight :man_shrugging:

Just a idea ………


Hopefully the summit has some meaningful action.

With the exception to event changes I haven’t heard anything on atlas since October 2020.

No updates on Land shuffle or Crusades.

Would be nice to have a road map like what we used to get otherwise it kinda feels like we are on the final phase of this products life cycle.

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Please submit any questions or feedback through the survey, because that’s what we’ll be using to pull stuff from.


Cannot open the survey it’s a broken link to me

To reduce burden of play 100 player teams would maybe be better. But core objectives need to change first, than other game things as a result of the new meta

Sadly we can barely build teams of 50 here now and it takes multiple seasons to find and assemble a solid active team!
Yeah I agree we are going to need way more help retention wise if we are going to be trying to put together groups of 100…….

And yes while a excellent idea :sunglasses:using teams of 100 plus to reduce burden of play would require massive balancing game wide!

And as we have said this game would require an offensive objective and a few changes to mechanics before we go fiddling with team size!

Such as balancing and reworking to the economy and a few other areas such as what determines rank and the core mechanic of that map!

Some real sweeping changes will need to take place so retention increases and we can build teams of 100 plus!
Because shrinking team size to 30/30 will just eliminate teams faster!

Regardless of wether they make those changes this map can’t currently support the player base as it is …….much less if the game grows to teams of 100 :man_shrugging:

Sorry a defense objective will not support long term play by design……”unbalanced engagement “

Sadly defensive based tactical maps utilize elimination mechanics to produce a winner resulting in player loss……
And no increasing map size or adjustments to access on that map will create anything other than lag and a increased rate of player loss from burden of play.

Defense based maps produce: mega alliances, stagnation and piracy as means to produce that elimination…….

Without a truly viable long term offensive map and major economic changes our retention is going to continue to shrink as it’s eliminated by elimination mechanics produced by our defensive map !
And to be clear by elimination I mean they are eliminated from competitive play!

They get burned out because of the lack of competitive play and the sheer boredom of defense and the game devolves into swapping and stagnation and piracy because of the monetization of competitive play and power creep are some of the major reasons!

Pay to compete has killed player retention at near end game and mid level play ….
Power creep and unbalanced engagement has choked retention at the bottom
And lack of competitive play has the top sandbagging :man_shrugging:

Can we get a positional offensive BETA MAP ?

There are many ways to change the game tbh, some minor and some major. I truely hope something happens at this summit. I fear no news will be terrible for the game at this point. So, PG, no more excuses. No more half assed tweaks to game. Bring on the good stuff.

I mention 100 players or whatever, but in reality maybe start teams with 30 players, than something like as your castles grow you earn team members on top of whatever else you already get capping off at say 100. Kinda how mega alliances work now rub but this way teams will have to commit to being strong. Will also force teams to have to own top castles to keep enough players to win wars to stay high leagues. Or whatever. Bring back team to the game not dumb mega alliances that are third party run for game failures.

Progressing teams :thinking: hmmmm
And yes we need something massive change wise to show they understand and are doing something that actually makes a impact on retention at all levels of play!

Because your right they can fiddle with secondary attacking and defending and movement mechanics all day long and it will not address the real issues it will only postpone them!
But doing nothing will be just as bad if not worse …….
While we typically fight major change this is a time when it’s needed!

Alrighty, this jon’s happening tomorrow right?:smiley::eyes:

Where’s the hype?

It’s going to be lit! :fire::dragon: