War Dragons Account Manager


source data pulled from @OrcaFrost 's website (not live import)


I will edit this post for any revisions made
If you find any errors please let me know and I’ll do my best to get them fixed promptly.

Revision Log

-Updated for Egg Token/Mystic/Sigils
-All time displayed in days
-Inventory summation incorrect time conversion @zaddy
-Removed references to Mech’s chest drop table. @mechengg
-Gold chest pulling incorrect match value @zaddy

-bronze speed ups @SaintCheeky

-updated for the new badge chest - atlas chest conversion rate (was 10:1 now 50:1)

-changed location of atlas chest calculator
-atlas chest calculator now accounts for bonus chest

Keep em coming, the more people find the dumber I feel but the quicker we get it ironed out :slight_smile:

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Sweet :heart_eyes: thanks man. Super easy chest loot calculator

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For those that are using both this Tool and Mech’s Fort Planner


Here is a quick easy way to keep your timers up to date across both tools without having to manually fill in both places.

  1. Open your copy of WD Account Manager
  2. Copy the URL
  3. Open your copy of Mech’s Fort Planner
  4. In cell D8 use the following formula

=importrange(“paste URL here”, “RSS Manager!B16”)
This will bring your current inventory of timers over.

If you want to carry over your projected timers from chest opening use
=importrange(“paste URL here”, “RSS Manager!B17”)

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