War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


We’re very interested to know what in-game bugs you’d like us to prioritize in 2019. For purposes of this discussion, bugs are defined as follows:

  • Bug-Bashing

    • This one is pretty self-explanatory. Things that are specifically broken (not working mechanically according to plan). This will also hopefully include closing exploits and cheat vectors.

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War Dragons 2019 Roadmap

Can we finally fix the cloak bug???


There was a bug once when I was flying my Equestor and he died but was still able to keep flying and attacking. I believe this bug/glitch is known as the “Immortality Glitch” and is used by cheaters. I never try to exploit bugs since it seems wrong, but thought that it would be nice to report this glitch


“Failed to set up atlas”

My number one annoyance.


Atlas keep crashing


That’s probably #2 for me :laughing: cloak but is more annoying even though I’ve figured out how to work around it for the most part :sweat_smile:


I’m going to be 100% here and say I do not personally know every bug in War Dragons. As people post things here I will be doing the following:

  1. Checking in with my team to make sure these bugs have already been documented
  2. If not, documenting them
  3. Checking to see what the priority on the bugs are, and potentially altering them
  4. Making sure they get added to our bug-bashing roadmap


Bugs that I know

  • Area 51 (wrong players get disabled when a new one join, usually during event)
  • sync error gave different chest content.
  • severe lag with too many unused gears.
  • Mega attack mess up energy cost.

Also, can anyone test what happened if a gold mine run is started before multi reset, and ended after multi reset?
IIRC, it’s bugged (e.g. got x5 multi, but lost the x30 multi).
However, I may be wrong, since it’s around DST change.


Southern cross spell and its variants - fails randomly. One of the scenario when we drop this pre-equipped AOE spell from turn while entering in island.


That’s not a bug, moreso casting too early on the turn so it lands before you enter the damage window. Just cast it a bit later. User error, not a bug.

However, there’s occasionally a problem where Southern Cross and similar aoe spells deal less damage than they are supposed to. Say I normally one shot an invader cluster with it, sometimes it’ll do half damage. Not sure what triggers it or how to specifically replicate it but it’s a thing.


Closing cheats=more pans! I looked that idea!


If spell like sand or vines can work, then this should also work on turn of island entry. And it happens even at the front of towers but just less frequent.


I’ve had the same problem with those spells too. Specifically on island 6 of the invader base. It’s not a bug, it’s just casting too early. It would be kind of broken if you could cast vines and disable the island before you even come into attack range/view of the towers.


Just compare those spell usage on island 6 and you will understand. No one drops vine by going in front of level 75 flaks. Drop vine from turn when blue mage are visible/range and blink when dragon straightens to island.


I know, but there’s a window where you can cast too early and the spell fails. That’s what I’m telling you .-.

Feel free to call it a bug if you want, but it’s not and I’m not gonna clog up the discussion thread arguing about a nonbug with you.


Well, it seems like one other bug that was annoying me as been fixed :sweat_smile: I frequently make use of the multitasking feature of my iPad Pro to check in on the Line app for messages, or use Safari to browse the forums, or use Google docs to write while in the War Dragons app. Before, if I had a cursor for “live” chatting in one of the in game chats and then I would try to type something in the app window that was being multitasked, the War Dragons app would instantly crash.

I don’t know if that issue is still there, but a “fix” seems to have been deployed which prevents you from typing in the multitasking window at all if the cursor is “live” in one of the in game chats.


And I’m not talking about this window as this is known behaviour. Nothing new. Period!!!


One more. Please allow healing dragons not in roster (most likely due to Temple raid bonus stage)


Unfortunately, sometimes this happens in Island 4 as well.


“Webpage is busy. Try again later” during kingdom wars, I have it pretty often. Im scared of that event because that (only this of course :P)