War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion




Please fix below atlas bug.


The Atlas glitches have really been bad lately.

In the last hour I’ve had:

A sync error from using a single 1 hour timer on training troops…



Makes me wonder if anything is actually done when updates say:


Getting a LOT of server time outs and failed to setup Atlas over the past 2 days along with sync errors collecting troops.


i agree, more atlas sync and crash issues than ever before. also getting frozen screen and crash out to much. can’t wait for my elite to expire since i am done the season. will not be renewing as it’s stupid to pay money for a service that does not work correctly.


Is this a good place to address the Android memory leak as well? I have CPU monitor app installed and can watch WD memory grow non stop until the app crashes. I can pretty much get it to do this on command.


Unsure if this is an android thing, but when Nollaig uses Winter’s Bite, the breath disappears until the spell duration ends. Samsung Galaxy S6 btw


Do you mean monuments or perches? I’m almost sure that you’re talking about perches.

So, this happened to my OLD account (circa 2015. Still gets elite w/ rubies. etc). The account had gone inactive and I finally dusted it off but couldnt build perches. This was mostly because he didnt have anc couldnt get black pearls. It took a long time and several events to get that corrected…but eventually I accrued enough BPs to catch up. It’s still a weak base by modern game standards.

You have to build the rune vault. If you don’t have access to build it then that really does sound like a glitch. Sorry to hear.

@mechengg is there any in game event (research tier/etc) that triggers the rune vault and/or perches first being made available? It sounds like somehow @Inferus11 never did this…if that’s even possible at his level.


I think it’s more like incomplete download. Happened to me mostly when I reinstalled, though getting restored after days of another reinstalling attempts.


Rune vault is triggered at lv 15 I believe.


But if he turned level 15 BEFORE that update was released, what would he have needed to do to trigger it? I’m suspecting this is what happened…maybe it’s just an old account.


Most likely there is something wrong with the flag.
Hopefully they will do triple check for the flag.


Not perches. I could build those and upgrade as normal. I meant monuments…they simply were not there. That got fixed 2 days after my initial posting though, which was awesome, just sorry that took 6+ months to happen. The rune vault was also built by PG cause I couldn’t, but I was locked out of the features and PG couldn’t help.

The major issue that still exists is my inability to see a full list of runes that I own so I can equip them to dragons or the monuments. As I said PG unlocked the rune vault for me and after much trial and error on my part, I have gotten what I think to be the full feature unlocked. Still not sure if I have done everything Ash wanted me to in the tutorial.

If I click the “salvage multiple” button I can see all 500+ runes, glyphs, etc that I own, but if I am simply looking at the equip list I can only see 1 no matter how I sort the list.

I am wondering if this is tied to the same problem that prevents me from seeing more than 1 battle report in the replay menu.

@OrcaFrost I have downloaded and reinstalled the game 20 times to date. Even used different devices with my account, and still nothing. The issue is server side, not client.


What exactly does the rune vault do?


Aibrean’s runes/ glyphs not working… even the Renewal runes are broken.

Also, Ballista’s poison is broken(more broken than it was prior to the spell update) and deals no damage over time for the duration that dragon is poisoned.

Tower runes/buff issues

After scaling, Chaos is 95%.
The rune bonus is 120%. That means

Bonus = 95% x (100% + 120%) = 209%


Your initial assumption is wrong. As orca said, havoc based spells were buffed a bit after the spell balancing:

The runes are applying correctly.


I did not see this thank you

Not quite sure what to make of this though… not the numbers not matching but rather why 1.63 +.5 = 2.13 and im getting 2.45


It’s due to your own rounding.
1 (base) + 1.63 (Havoc) x 1.50 (Research) = 3.445, not 3.45


What is Renewal supposed to be at before runes applied? because this doesnt look like its buffed +65% to me…