War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion




Only damaged by arrows, no poison, not even supershot caused poison damage.

A discussion about tower balance



Who cares, really? You’ve been around long enough to know it’s time to give up


I care… dont get mad because he can think for himself.


Ok cool, just trying to figure out what im doing wrong

Wonder what they scaled the runes at?


I see that and you’ve both posted it multiple times in multiple threads.

Don Quixote the heck out of it then. Good luck


Obviously he does as he noticed it not poisoning, not I. I noticed the runes for ballista and lightnings not working.

Broke is broke and should be fixed. Ballistas suppose to poison and runes are supposed to work.


It should of been fixed a long time now, dont hate on ballistas man lol nobody said they were great but they should be as good as the other old towers


Ok so to sum up the last few posts on Havoc, Chaos, and Renewal…

Chaos nerfed to 95% + 120%= 215% and shows +210% in battle, cool, i can work with that.

Something not right though about havoc or im forgetting variable(s)…1.63 + .5(research) = 2.13 but im getting around 2.45🤔

Then there is this…

Renewal supposed to be at 16% so this means they must of scaled the runes also, so why would they scale the runes for SRH but not Chaos?


It’s +50% so 1.5 times the havoc damage.


Your first pic in your comment clearly showed that the chaos runes scale.

Secondly, please use correct signs for your math. 95 + 120% =/= 215. 95 x (100% + 120%) does equal 209 though.


Sorry i misread, ur absolutely right…

Thanks for your help on that Orca.


Whenever I defend, the side bar pops up black where my Android menu goes and doesn’t go away. The menu can pop up still but the black never goes away


Guess it’s a sign to stop defending…you and your team dont need those rss or to win that war :joy:


This seems to happen to me when I get push notifications from other sources, not merely defending.

Love it when my line chats start blowing up mid flight or defend. Restart of game is only way I vanquish it.


Happens to me as well but I can get rid of it by rotating the device.


When attacking a player and it is defended, they system comes to a halt and slows down or freezes


Why does your screen go black in Atlas?


I personally am sick of these particular errors cropping up more & more frequently. It’s ridiculous & just shouldn’t happen.