War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


not sure if quality of life or bug bashing, but…

please fix spells like healing mark, hunters mark, spring renewal, etc… not being able to be applied to monuments IN ATLAS


Of all bugs in the game, I agree with Liz that the Cloak bug should be top priority.


I don’t know if cloak bug is fixable, but what about the Kobe bug?


Make chat default to team chat and not league chat

  • Literally all the bugs in atlas of “failed to do _”
  • All chats that can’t type properly when you’re in atlas. It’s so annoying.
  • That one where you are collecting prizes and the game has to reload. Always seems to happen when you claim more than one prize at a time.
  • The loading screen of death when you’re in atlas and click on the event page. The only work around I know to get out of that besides closing the game is to click on some other page to open in atlas and then go back to open the event page. Seems a little excessive.
  • The glitch where you’re going through matchmaking to get a target for rss or whatever, where you click to find more and it just freezes or shows doesn’t ever stop loading.
  • Not a big one but the heat shield still looks like a box of fire color about a circle. Just annoying to look at.
  • Not sure how much of a bug this is or if it’s just an incredible amount of lag but rss transfers to teammates not going through until minutes after you tried to originally send it.
  • There is some mail glitch that when you’re sending a reply to someone but you get a new message around the same time, it looks like you replied to the new message, not the one you were intending to reply to. It always goes to the right one after a while, but man that’s caused some freak outs.

Well it’s 4 am now. I’ll leave it at this for now. I’m sure I can drum up some more later.


There are a few bugs which are particularly annoying with the dragons. First is the cloak bug. I think we all know that one well enough.

Second is the bug where disabling spells do damage but do not disable.

Third is the extract essence bug. There are certain sequences that essentially turn off your extracted spell as if you never have enough rage. It’s very repeatable. Here is the example.

Outside of these any atlas errors or failures need ironing out.


One of the more annoying ones in Atlas is where the game says if failed to do something (move primarch, transfer troops), but in fact it did do it.

I get that sometimes these messages will happen with busy servers (would be nice if it would happen less), but I think it’s especially important that you only report a fail if it actually failed.

It’s no fun to find out a minute later your primarch actually did move even if you couldn’t see it in the client and got murdered without being able to do something. Also not nice to accidentally load twice the troops you wanted, since you can’t move them back to the barracks.


The extract essence bug drives me nuts. And it always happens.


The fake gold. The game says you got more gold than you actually got (no exiting Atlas and sometimes even restarting the game doesn’t work), so when you go to build troops it says not enough resources, and you have to guess how much gold you actually have so troop building will work


It would be nice if Inner Fires were fixed. There’s some great ideas on what could be the issue in my latest thread on them not working.


server sync errors
1 player is able to continue interacting with the server after desync. (E.g. player completes 3xp runs and trains dragon 5 times after desync player then logs off and back on and finds dragons reverted to status before)

2 claiming prizes

3 atlas verse regular game. certain atlas actions are retained while other progress is lost. (E.g. troops bought and multipliers are retained (atlas) but xp and dragon multipliers are reverted to a time prior to the runs.


It would be bug for Android problems yes? Quality of life is more game pesters where Android problems are hardware. Wife did play on a LG G6 but over the past year the lag and crashes kept getting more and more so she had to quit playing. Lots of updates said Android fixes but she kept getting worse.


Atlas attacks not contributing to team medal count


android bouncy keyboard
ethereal chains apply damage but not chains

my bank account not containing $10,000,000 USD, PM me for account details to accept wire transfer.


There are 3 that “bug” the hell out of me! :wink: lol

  1. In the WD event page (not atlas) shows prizes awarded that is not there. Same for completed quests.

  2. I can not defend my base from a notification. I’ll get a notification that I’m being attacked, I’ll click the notification and it goes to my main base and NOT into the battle so I can defend? If I sit there long enough my base will suddenly blow up with no enemy dragons ever in site :weary:

  3. Server lag, sever lag, server lag, server lag! Constantly saying I have a slow internet connection when I’m getting over 100Mb down and almost 15Mb up! I have several Speedtest.net screenshots and I can assure you I DO NOT have a slow internet connection. I have screenshots that shows I have full green bars at the same time it’s saying I have a slow connection! This is mostly during wars and PvP events, but not exclusively. It’s annoying, and greatly interferes with game play!

Thank you for the opportunity to share and the care to look into these issues. :+1:t2:


The wording on those is really poor and gives the impression it’s talking about your specific internet connection. What it’s actually saying is that the connection between you and the backer(s) and defender(s) is poor. These fights connect the clients directly, with no central server, so if your defender is on some sort of horrible internet connection, the connection between your phone and his will also be poor.

They can’t really fix that bit I think, but they could improve the message at least to not make it sound like your own internet connection is the issue.


I understand server lag, so failed to set up atlas stinks, but what really annoys me is having a “Null” chat invite every time I login.


Both were already mentioned here, but I’ll put my two cents in for

A) The matchmaking bug. Not game-breaking, but it’s really annoying to have the screen freeze and have to quit out of matchmaking and reopen it because you scrolled too early, or tapped in some way that the game doesn’t like.

B) The defense notification bug. If I have the “notify me if I’m under attack” option on, and I click on it two seconds after it appears, there’s no reason that I shouldn’t be taken directly to my defense, instead of left to sit and stare at my base and wonder if it’s about to explode. There really needs to be a decent enough window that I might reasonably pick up my phone, tap the notification, and be brought to the battle in time to put up an effective defense.


In a way that would be unfair to android players. Since the game takes about two minutes to even start on Android, they would never be able to defend from a banner, while iPhones could.


Hm. That sucks. In that case, I still think it would be a good fix, but I’d add “Faster loading times for Android” to the requests section.