War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


Now you’re talking!


I thought it was my phone or connection or something. So every Android user is pissed off by the time it takes to load? Good. Well, bad, but good it’s not only me


The fix for that might be increasing the time between launching an attack and it actually starting… but yah, not really a fan of that.


Thanks for all the reports folks. Please keep them coming. My team is slamming away at keyboards tracking all of these.


Although I know its not in the least bit important…but any chance the old Hog farm image can be changed in research?


I don’t know if it’s just me as I haven’t heard much about it, but the last couple days Atlas has been literally inaccessible for me because every time I open it, it freezes 10-30 seconds later and I have to restart the game. I have to rush and click whatever it is I’m trying to do and just hope I got to it fast enough before it freezes. This has been happening every single time I opened atlas for the last few days.

Edit: video for proof.


How about ACTUALLY addressing and dealing with cheaters?

How about setting up something to where if you cheat - you are automatically banned or sent to your own area with other cheaters?

Like - teams who * cough cough * have unlimited troops … or magic hammers … who have been reported … who are still playing … :thinking:

  1. Atlas freezing after attacks
  2. Atlas playability on older devices. Lag, loading, etc. Especially true on Android.
  3. Optimization. Faster loading times, graphic scaling in Atlas, ability to fine-tune graphic settings in Atlas. This will help with the above. (I might not need to see every primarch at the moment, let me turn them off. The transfer arrows for primarchs not my own. Make these toggle lenses options. Could help load.)
  4. Stop loss of energy when backing out of the attack screen, This can take minutes to be refunded.
  5. Refund energy/wildfire if disconnected in an attack. Xp multipliers are refunded, so I consider this as a bug not a feature request.
  6. Freezing on matchmaking if I am too quick to try to do something.
  7. Sometimes returning from an attack after talking in team chat the chat defaults back to league chat. Needs to go back to last chat I was in.
  8. Funky keyboard antics in Android when you tap to type.
  9. Having to go out of event screen, Atlas or main game, then go back in to accept more prizes on Android after only accepting a few. Does not always desync just doesn’t take or spins.
  10. In Atlas sometimes you tap attack in the castles details list to attack a person and nothing happens. I’ve had to leave the castle, force shut down, restart, then go back in for it to work. Just restarting Atlas doesn’t work.

Edit: I run both Android and iOS between 2 accounts. Not all of these occur on both accounts.


Don’t be surprised if some of my agents are in here over the next few weeks asking for clarification about bugs. We’re still making sure everything is documented.


Ya, i freaking hate when i use Spectral form with my Pathox and then i get hit by a mage tower SS while invisible…!


It my have already been said because I haven’t read all reply’s.

The one that annoys me is when I click the attack button and go to scroll through the list of bases the list doesn’t scroll but the map behind it moves instead. I have to keep backing out and going back in, sometimes several times. I play on ios if you needto know.


I’m fairly sure that one was mentioned already in this thread :upside_down_face: and yes, it is extremely irritating.


Atlas, bug when resummoned prim is killed with all troops. Sequence is:

  1. Attack someone, lose all your troops, summon prim again
  2. Speed it up, load troops, … Bang! You are dead and lose everything

Happens when someone started attacking you while you were attacking, and summoned prim before attack on you was finished. Now I had to wait for 2-3 minutes after each attack due to this, before speeding up prim.


What about airplain mod? is it fixed or still exist? if exists it must be high priority.


Won’t people abuse that and just swipe closed if defended? I understand if you’re the flyer you would like it, but how about the defender?

And yes, I got absolutely stuffed on several runs this past PVP including on a wildfire and it really PISSED me off but the fault was my own getting too cocky.

I think you might find that being refunded the xp multi is the bug so don’t complain too loudly. Like those that pointed out the fact you could look at quests to see what gear you’d get. PG plugged that in record time. Or when we could get a free super sigil or runic chest by keeping your silver chests set to claim bonus… Somethings are better off not being shared.


Has anyone mentioned the non stop bird chirps on Android? :slight_smile: There is a whole thread dedicated to this one.


It’s on iOS too :stuck_out_tongue:


Fix the discrepancy in DP as seen between base owner, attack screen and player information page.


I’m not tracking every post here, so has anyone asked for accurate food/lumber reporting on the attack screen? The zero lumber hits during Fort get old.


I was meaning when you disconnect and no attack was made. I’ve had it crash right as I loaded into the base and also crash on loading. Lost the energy on one and the wildfire on the other. Came back to a screen going you got 53 points or some ridiculous number on the lost wildfire when I didn’t get a single shot off. I would much rather not have the crashes but same applies if you lose internet or phone shuts off. Let me get it back once in a small time interval. If it happens again, then I’ve lost it.