War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


Fix the “attack next/bookmark” button that appears in the upper left corner in the post-attack screen. Its a big time saver, but it doesn’t appear consistently. I think the last I read people thought any interaction with event, armory, maybe atlas or some atlas components would lose you the attack next button for the rest of that session.

(This could also be QoL, the travel time saved makes a big difference for things like resource hunting and grinding out quests or egg missions.)

  1. Basic redraw is slow these last couple of months. When I exit atlas to classic or load the game, each tower draws individually. It’s MUCH slower than it was 6 months ago. iPad Air 2.
  2. Atlas failed to setup. Occuring very often.
  3. Gold count mismatch when banking (off by one usually).
  4. Slow Atlas draw. Cannot get castle and primarchs to draw and cannot move there until it does (or bank, or inspect, etc). This has been a problem for MANY months.
  5. Cloak in middle of turn with Pathox, finish turn, hit by two mage supershots. This should NEVER happen. It happens often.
  6. When using a bluetooth kybd, if I hit the button that minimizes the onscreen kybd, the game freezes. 100% reproducible every time. I logged this in another thread a couple months ago.
  7. Hitting the green attack button in the primarch lists often does nothing. At first I thought it was because primarchs are shown there that are not yet actually there (a different bug), but it’s happened to a trapped primarch, so it’s more than that.
  8. Don’tshow primarchs in the primarch list at a castle until they arrive.
  9. Primarchs en route should not block conquering. Sorry, you’re not there, you don’t get to fight until you are.


Not just turns. I’ve found in the past few months if I launch an AOE spell immediately after it’s fully energized (i.e., after that 2nd icon pulse) there is a 50:50 chance it explodes over the towers and disipates without doing any (or very very little) damage.


Especially fix any issues with Hau’s spells, since hopefully I’ll be breeding her at next breeding event and don’t want to fight flying a broken dragon, that is arguably the hardest and best dragon this game has had.:rofl:


Hau’s a girl :rofl: She’s the only dragon in game that has her gender explicitly stated.


Especially if you take out a lightning tower and get chained lightning. It inactivates the Thunderbolt spell and forces you to use the chained lightning first!


Post fixed!:rofl::+1:t2:


I just see sooo many posts on the forums calling her a boy and I’m all: NO! She’s a beautiful goddess of time and a harbinger of destruction (even though her tag line is “harbinger of desolation”)


I find some bug in major event, its bug can be benefit to the players and your PX team can harm. Message me if you interested…

Thanks you :slight_smile:


That’s not the extract essence bug. The extract essence bug makes extract essence permanantly fail. You will not be able to use it for the rest of the run


I don’t know if this is a visual glitch or one that affects resources gained from a run, but when attacking in match maker, sometimes when you hit a tower at the end of the base, all the towers are destroyed but the storage tower. I know this is a point when you usually see the little icon of food and wood go to the top when you destroy the tower, so I am not sure if you are not collecting as much or if it is only a visual glitch. This has been happening more often to me lately.


I’d like to see the attack/defense view glitch fixed. The glitch being where the player sees a different number for their own AP/DP than other players see for them. The numbers are different in profile view and then different again for the base in attack view. And the difference can be quite drastic in some cases. It would be good to have this be consistent across the board.


Cloack / Enshroud are bugged, do Not work as they should !!
Even if you use them with the right timing, the projectile ( mages too ) in flight do not disappear and you are hit !!


Rss info before attack is mostly wrong or it’s to low then what you get or its 0. I could hit a base that say 100k get 0 if I bookmarked it and look at the player again it still shows 100k.
Sylphen ethereal chains disable swipe and its damage not a fix amount.
Corthanak spell also gives none fixed damage
In fight pits end of round results has a small window of time that shows the results of the round of the previous one.


Wait…:thinking: So, If Ms. Hauheset (using full name out of respect) is the ONLY female lineage dragon, then, well I guess dragons can undergo hermaphroditism, else these breeding events wouldn’t be possible! So who knows the gender of the dragons at any point in time.:face_with_monocle: ROTFLMAO


Invisible DF’s are still a thing?


Every time we release new dragons I keep telling the design team “please refer to the dragons as “them” or I’m going to make you get on a live stream with players and explain the mechanics of how these all-male dragons mate”.


Maybe it’s like pokémon and some of the dragons of these particular “species” are male while others are female. :woman_shrugging: That’s sort of what I’ve always thought…

Maybe there’s some sort of underground ring that we dragon lords take our dragons for breeding if the particular dragon we own of a specific species is the wrong gender to properly breed the offspring we’re going after :laughing:

Either that or maybe all our dragons pulled a Jurassic park and some of them have mutated to no longer be female so they can breed with each other :eyes:


Now that’s one stream I’d definitely attend. I think that expanation could be comical to watch.:joy:


Just say that most of them are hermaphrodite, problem solved.