War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


And I thought this was a discussion on Bugs in games :man_facepalming:


I think we can assume that the most efficient breeding path would involve no hermaphroditism (as that surely can’t be quick!), and therefore by using Red’s breeding guide along with Hauheset as a baseline, we can figure out the sex of every dragon in the game.


What about the attack next button bug? Everytime I go into the event screen and return to my base to complete attacks I do not have the attack next button. I have to return to my base after every attack. I have to close the game and start it again and then attack without going into the event screen to be able to run multiple attacks without returning to my base.

I also have a visual bug with grogg bonded to icicle.


Oh dear! Maybe Grogg left his armor at home and they had to sensor him out to prevent indecency :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Why does the Grogg Rider graphic look like this?

Sync Error is back for me every time I try to collect my harbor prizes. I have been unable to collect them for three days. Clicking on the harbor prompts the Sync Error message, then the game freezes and restarts, and everything I did during that period of activity is lost. Not sure what causes this but it is very annoying.


small bug, but I do miss my lava


Deleting the game and reinstalling it actually fixes that one! (I’ve had it happen to me personally and a reinstall gave me back my lava :upside_down_face:)


Grogg must have gone swimming in there. He’s covered in the exact same stuff. :joy:


Since i am playing on IPad 2018 i´ve got some “new” bugs.

-Atlas attacks won´t start. When i klick the attack button (PVP, Goldmines and Beasts) the backlight of the attack button lights up but the attack doesn´t start
EDIT: This Bug happens mainly in guided access. Ledger Button doesn´t work in this mode too.
Guided Access is realy helpful when flying with sorcerers. Would be nice if you can fix it :slight_smile:

-at the normal attack screen, sometimes I can´t change my target. I can only scroll the preview map. If i click on another target in the attack list nothing happens.

-Sync Error!!


In atlas, can we make the element colors/patterns consistent?
Wind and Dark territory seem to appear in two different flavors and they look very similar. That is wind comes in a tan version and a splotchy blue-green version, so does dark. Or some of the land just has the wrong pattern. I’m sure there’s a good reason, but … what the heck?

(moved from qol, because … surely it’s a lil ole bug?)


There is a bug when updating a piece of gear and you fill the forge, and then try to expedite the first piece of gear, it will cause a perpetual sync error, so you can’t expedite anything. Not the top of the list to fix, but it’s very annoying. I have addressed this every craft even for the last 3.


I bet the fix they put in the Forge to stop the first exploit 1.5 years ago has something to do with this glitch.


Me and my teammates (judging from their reports) are suffering from invite banners not showing recently.
In my personal case when I ask for backup and lead atlas attack (invader), my teammates can not see the banner. Restart of the game usually fixes that issue, but it causes troubles and forces to use heal potions (multiplayer is saved if game shut down early enough).
Also teammates asking for back in event experience same from time to time. In their case it happens randomly, in my… usually when it’s my first attack after opening the app. But I do not know if it matters.


And another one major bug in Atlas.
Even if the team killed all prims after the first bubble expired on the castle, killed all guards there, and no more prims incoming, no one in 5ta is able to conquer that castle as it tells “the shield is active” when it clearly is not. That happened before current pvp started.
Need this problem to be resolved before bubbles disabled again as we intend on getting that castle anyway.
Sent a ticket before but since I got automatic response I’m not sure if that was a serious answer, so it’s worth mentioning here.


My game hard closes itself, both on my main and my mini, it always has to do with me in att def banner screen looking for a run to join


@Arelyna @PGPulse @PGLawson
In response to the following topic,

Can these towers be added to Steal Essence family?


p.s. Not in hurry, just letting you know so that it will be fixed before next Temple Raid.


After scrolling around the Atlas map for awhile, the map often stops populating. I have to leave Atlas and go back in to get items on the map to start loading again.

I wonder if the map was coded to “forget” previously loaded items that are no longer on the players screen, if that might help this issue?


Might help if the defense power was indicated before picking a target in PvP events, instead of let’s see what’s behind door number one kinda thing?


Just voicing my support for fixing the extract essence bug as well.


You can back out before you launch and get your energy back. Defense power is unreliable at best, without seeing the base setup it’s not really that helpful.

Maybe create a “Hit List” chat group and post the names of “easier than level indicates” bases for your team / friends to hit?