War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


Anyone noticed when ur in spectral form connection goes and spectral form continues comes out of it when connection is good. normally spectral form should be stopped when connection is weak. I don’t have any video yet. next time i will record it.


My BF, lvl 127, still doesn’t have runes and glyphs unlocked for his base and dragons. He’s been playing every day for months, has sent in numerous tickets and always gets the response that it’s a known problem… but no fix. He’s spent plenty on Elite and packs for the game, and it’s a real shame that his dragons are still at a disadvantage because they can’t be boosted by their runes. His base can’t be boosted for wars. All the divine dragons he’s earned- including Pathox- are missing their specialized runes because he can’t access them. This seems like something that should be an easy fix. No one should have to play the game without all the basic instruments and advantages everyone else is offered. Please look into this problem.


It’s a visual bug that the spell countdown continues to “count down” while the flight is paused, trying to get everyone synced up. If you tap during that time, you will come out of spectral when the flight starts up again. If you don’t, you’ll stay in spectral the same amount of time that you had left when you were paused, just the spell countdown won’t be accurate.

Pretty low priority imo unless it’s an easy fix


PM @arelyna for her to look into it, not really a gamewide issue.


Please fix freeze (and variants) not refreezing frozen towers :pray:t3:


Thanks for the explanation. i did tap some times, But, i didn’t tap also it comes out of the spell.


Well I have been patient but since y’all are talking about a priority list of fixes, here is mine.

-My base is level 127 and I still don’t have access to the rune vault. This wasn’t a big deal at low levels and now the game is getting much harder to play without my dragons being able to use runes. (Side note I reported this problem in June when I first started playing.)

-Can’t build monuments to help defend my base. (Just lost moments ago to a level 90 base with a green tier Prospero. I have a short base with level 30 and higher towers on my kill island. <very frustrating…)

-Lower priority but still annoying is my replay list is only 1 report long. I know it is supposed to contain every report so I can view them later, but I can only see the most recent report.

And yes I have bought packs, like an idiot it would appear, thinking the bug would be fixed quickly and I could enjoy the full game. Instead I missing out on 25% of the game and have 1000’s of worthless items in my inventory all because I can’t access 1 building. Here is hoping in 2019 the game won’t keep giving me vaporware.

@Arelyna @PGJared @PGCrisis


This isn’t a bug. No one can build monuments, and they don’t do anything besides give your towers health and attack boosts. At 127 you should have level 35 towers, else, people with lower tier drags can take you (not saying that people wouldn’t be unable to take you with 35 towers, just saying less people would be able to at level 90. Plus, pros is such a fun drag in the right hands). Point being, building monuments isn’t a thing and has nothing to do with you being taken by pros :man_shrugging:t3:


Interesting. So the monuments are a freebie that everyone, except me, gets. Noted.

Just frustrated that a gold cav or green pros can take my base, but my plat cav struggles on bases my level. Guess runes are that big of a deal. And I am guessing that runes can be added to towers? Only other thing that makes sense as to why my towers of similar level have such a low rated defense compared to other bases at my level.


I’ve actually never seen this before:


Yeah man, it sucks.

He doesn’t have access to monuments. They aren’t there. There’s no fog anywhere on his base, but there’s also no monuments and no rune tower. He can’t boost his base AT ALL. Not for wars, not to help protect his rss during events, nothing. Not being able to boost his towers health and attack by 30% is a big deal. I doubt a green prospero would have solo’d his base if it had been boosted, despite it being a fun divine. It’s unfair to him, and also unfair to his team during wars and events. His base is that much more vunerable and harder to defend, and his dragons are lacking the runes that would allow him to attack higher.


Have you sent a screenshot to support? That is crazy. Maybe try to clear cache / uninstall / re-install (yeah, I know… I could work for support)?

Make sure you have a pocket ID and your password first.


Yeah I have reported the issue…4 times now I think. The response at first was to uninstall/reinstall. After the upteenth time of having done so for various issues, the response now is, “We appreciate your patience and are aware of the issue. Please continue to bear with us while we address the problem.”

My next step is find a blank phone and install the game there and see if that does anything. I know using the game on multiple phones is supposed to be a no no, but if they aren’t going to fix it…


@Inferus11 That does look crazy. I would send a Private Message (PM) to either @Arelyna @PGJared or @PGCrisis to see if they can look into the issue for you. VERY IMPORTANT: Be sure to include any/all ticket #'s to help them research it. I know it’s difficult, but try to be patient a bit longer as they either may not all be back in the office this week or they have a lot to catch up on because of the Holiday break. They may be able to help get your issue resolved. If nothing else, hopefully they can at least get it escalated. Good luck to you!!


That may be true for that spell, but I know for a fact that Elemental Barrier counts down while my flight is paused, while being defended against, and by the time things are ‘synced’ again, it has finished and it is not still present because the dark flak fires and I take massive damage before I get it back up.

What makes it worse is during a defended flight that so called “attacker (me) has poor connection” msg rises its ugly head about 3-4 times. Real interesting since I’ve got 1G FIOS and when I run network check I’ve got upwards of 50Mbps DL/UL.

Of all the issues in this game IMO Network issues should be Priority #1. In Atlas it really is a PITA and if anything has gotten worse since last May.


Can we also get the android replay bug fixed? Frustrating to want to revenge multiple attacks and only able to do 2 at most.


For the revenge quests, you could always find someone in LC who needs super shots and ask them to attack you, then immediately quit. Then you can attack them 5 times, or however many times the revenge quest calls for, using 3 red dragons each time. That would help both of you :upside_down_face::hugs:


I know that. I wasn’t just referencing those. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to watch all the replays


Ah, yes that would be nice.


Here’s the latest from my team.