War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


Please, dear God, (or @PGJared who ever is first) please fix the null chat invite. This has been an ongoing issue for MONTHS and for those like myself who are compulsive about notifications, constantly seeing that little red dot is maddening.


Players are unable to leave their team if they are the last one there. This is a big issue for churn, don’t you think.


Make an alt, join the team, make it leader, leave the team from you main
That should work, right?


I solved it for the player by sending one of my alts there, but the alt is stuck. The point is that this will influence a lot of new players, and it should be addressed.


This is interesting. I did create a team for my alt and a friend but due to her current situation her ability to log on to play is spotty at best and so she got removed from the team due to inactivity. It’s nice to know that my alt can’t accidentally join another team :upside_down_face:

But I can see how it would be a problem. Just happens to work out nicely in my particular case.


Didn’t this happen before and was fixed?
Joined a teammates invite and I used Renard,we defeated base but egg token missions (all) didn’t register.


Fix the problem with servers already please!
This is getting annoying, having server errors every time you want to attack on castle or any assault or castle defense happening, causing massive activity in one region and servers are stunned and unable to handle that and start booting the game every two minutes. That’s not how it should work.


When 2 dragon’s with different northern lights (or variants) give health/rage marks, and the both mark the same monument/tower, the mark does not give both health and rage. this has been bashed. Thanks!

Also, atlas monuments do not store heal/rage marks.


Can you please have a look at this issue we experienced today in Atlas?


MaX xp calculation! There is no reason on this planet why I should get max xp against a 98.5 M defense but don’t get max xp on a 200 M defense! I know defense numbers are not a great predictor of difficulty of a base as number of towers and tower placement are key but it would be MUCH closer than the current way max xp is currently determined. Please fix this horrific glitch! Or fix the base defense calculations!

(For the record, I’m 155 and have to hit this for max xp)


XP is per tower, longer bases with higher level towers give much more xp. Nothing to fix there really.

The DP difference probably comes from a much better rider.


Emojis… Still can’t see them in chats… The longer this goes the more people will have this issue. 4 months guys. Fix it.


I’m just linking this over to here because I’m a fool. Don’t mind me.


Did a quick test as I haven’t noticed anything about cloak bug with NS. Am I just not hitting it at the right time?


Are you talking about at the very start?


Yeah, there’s a specific window where if you cloak as a tower recognizes you, it’ll fire and hit you in cloak. I don’t have a video handy but it happens to me far more often than I thought was possible.

I was trying to watch the fire turrets in your video as it’s very obvious whether they hit you, but couldn’t see the bug in action.


My favorite “wtf” moment is cloak bug with Ice Flak.


I watched em continue to fire for a sec then stop, I tried hitting at the very start, 3 times? Just wondering if original Cloak itself is uneffected is reason I bring it up.


For some reason I like to swipe the screen away when using Sorcerer’s on my iPad. I want to use Guided Access especially when flying Sorcerer’s, but my Atlas menu’s don’t work with that activated. Hoping that can be fixed!


Why is it so hard to finish training troops? Can’t collect them after 10+ tries.