War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


Maybe they’ve seen what happened to the last group of troops to get out of training and now they’re hiding…


Now I cannot move my Prim.


Not so much a bug, as massive lag. It happens anywhere around Aligaine


Is not Aligane, is a castle from NMO where is happening a memorial. But the lag and problems are understandable, 305 teams there…




Try scrolling to a different section of the map to unload this mess and load a new section. I find this helps with the drastic lag


I’m sure it’s probably been mentioned but This tho. Also happens with perch on island 3.


Not sure if this is where this goes but anyway. The newest rider that came out I put on Surt and only the battle gear shows up. You may want to fix it. Also the rider on Jorm is still not showing up. I have contacted about this a while back.


Minor bug:
After casting the white spell on Hildr (which then goes into cd), the cd timer will visually be reset each time salvo is cast. The real cd time is unaffected, just the visual aid is messed up.


Having problems with this event: can’t get into anything, no chest the whole event, can’t help anyone either! Think it’s time to find a new game!


Experiencing a lot of buggy behavior tonight. Chat is out of order or completely blank. The mail system is acting up.


Many people on my team are experiencing this too as of about an hour ago. Banners not showing or can’t be joined. Chat vanishing and chat messages showing up all at once much later than they were actually sent. Gold from invader and rss from raids giving the purple swirling “loading” thing every time


Another bug that needs to be addressed quickly (before event ends) is the fact that 2x an island that was supposed to suoerchatge didn’t… this means the team that won the race to the bosses didn’t get the 3x multiplier… this effects team VP as well as individual points… people are spending money in order to do well, help their teams place higher, and earn better prizes… the very least PG can do is make sure the core event mechanics are working as intended, otherwise award those teams/players their due points in a timely manner (before event ends).


Just wondering what bugs the PG code junkies are currently bashing…

This is supposed to be the focus early 2019, but we haven’t heard anything about what’s being tackled.

PG, do feel free to, you know, update us as you go…



time/date hack 2-12-2019 2:35 PM CDT.

I think we might get a response in a bit over 3 weeks from this post…


They should fix the PVP island not appearing in Team Gauntlet sometimes, too.


Hello everyone

I’m I the only one that has some difficilises to see the exact duration of alter fate?
Had/have the same issue on Hau. The tiny “ring border thing” that indicates the duration for the second cast is just hard to see (at least for me).

An easy fix would be to enhance the contrast on the ring. Simple but effective and I assume not difficult to implement


It is pretty hard to see, but I think that’s also part of what makes those powerful abilities require more skill. You have to be able to either keep an eye on that slight effect in between all the chaos of a defended run, or you have to develop a feel for the timing to be able to do it on instinct.

I don’t feel it is something that needs fixing myself. Yes it could be easier, but the goal of a game should not be to make everything easy to use optimally.


For the visually it’s not about being easier it’s about quality of life…
I agree the contrast being better would help those of us with sight issues


On the old UI I believe it had a clock like sweep to count down the useage of Hau’s time spell, and it’s too early here so I’m blanking on the name of it :rofl: Basically it was something similar to the cool down timer. But I could be wrong… My memory is known to play tricks on me :see_no_evil: