War Dragons Bug-Bashing Discussion


Speaking of Hau…




Not sure if this was mentioned already but it would be nice to fix the cool down and spell duration visuals on spells after the attack pauses for connectivity issues. I have to guess when my cloak spell runs out, and often this actually makes a massive difference when my cloak just barely reaches the end of the Long Island. I could imagine that other spells are similarly significantly affected by the time by which the spell is active, such as snowblind on Gunnar, or Autumn’s Reap on Fohmar.

The specific bug is that the spell duration visual continues to run after the attack is paused. It would be nice if the visual only progresses if there is no attack slowdown or pause occurring.


@Arelyna talkinh of bugs neither can I or my officers can target castles in game , seems to not be working :man_shrugging: Asked few other teams seems same problem


Hello PG

i have an issue with Surts spell Ragnarok. It takes forever to cast on defended bases. So i use Burning Hatred to gain enough rage. Activate Ragnarok. Kill the red mage with Incinerate and…spammmmm like crazy to cast Ragnarok. feels like it’s jammed.
In the meantime i’m getting wrecked by defenders. IF i survive Burning Hatred is ready to use again before i was able to cast Ragnarok…

This ONLY happens on defended bases.


Earth flak was protecting towers it looks like

Edit: and also could have been stunned by dark flak as well


yes earth flak was protecting towers. but it shouldn’t keep me from casting that spell :man_shrugging:
Dark flak maybe :thinking:


I misread your post at first, I believe the stun from df is the answer to your question.

Typo edit


thank you! Haven’t thought of the dark flak :sweat_smile:


New bug in Atlas where troops, although no time left, won’t finish so I can’t start new revives/training

This has been happening for over 24 hours now and a ticket has been sent. (Uninstall/reinstall didn’t work)


I’m a long time player of the game, having joined roughly at the end of March 2015, right around when it was first released on iOS.

I’m not a frequent visitor to the forums, but I’ve read most of the posts and replies in the 2019 Roadmap threads.

These are my thoughts on the bug-bashing subject. Some have been mentioned by others (but I include them anyway to add my voice of support to the requests), some have not, and one I have never even heard of anyone else having, so it may be exclusively my problem.

  1. Fix the reporting of base defense values. Currently, 3 different values can be seen depending on how your base is looked at: looking at your own base, someone else looking at your player info window, or someone else looking at your base in attack mode. This leads to uncertainty and confusion as to how difficult to beat your base really is.

  2. Fix the “ruby mine” at the end of the long island closest to the back of the base. This “building” appeared after an update a long time ago and I “built” it, and ever since then, every time I log in, there is a build completion check mark above the “ruby mine” that goes away if I tap it, but never permanently. When I close out of the game, I always get a notification that my ruby mine has finished upgrading and come back to complete it, and I eternally have a “1” badge on my app icon. This has persisted through my setting up as new without restoring from backup on a new iPad, so it is something intrinsically linked to my account. I don’t care if you actually enable whatever functionality this was originally supposed to have or not, but please at least get rid of that check mark, notification, and badge.

  3. Fix the protection of food/wood in farms/mills when boosts are applied. It seems to be broken. The RSS in the storage hut seem to be correctly protected with boosts applied, but not what’s in the farms/mills.

  4. Fix it so that players in the matchmaking screen don’t see boost-protected RSS as being available to raid (in either the storage hut or the farms/mills, once they are fixed). These RSS aren’t available to raid, so they should not be visible in the raidable totals. It happens way too often during fort and feed events that you try to raid a base that shows as having RSS only to get 0 because they’re actually protected by a boost.

  5. Fix the bug in the Temple Raid orange ice shrine in which the ice turrets are way more powerful than their indicated level (they seem to have much more HP than they should for their level).

Attached below are screenshots of my ruby mine bug. I did report it in-game once not long after it started, and I don’t remember the exact response I got, but it never got fixed, obviously.



Is the bug where if you queue a spell such as fireball, and cast it immediately after charging it, it does approximately half damage being looked at? It’s fairly easy to replicate. Any damaging projectile-like spell does this. Sand, fireball, southern cross, crippling chill, ethereal chains, etc.


PG why you hurting me like this, you enjoy crushing my spirit slowly until i beg for sweet merciful release dont you… you still havent fixed my Ballista :sob:

Ima go ahead and bet that temporary Havoc only buffs Snow Blind first at 115% then when havoc used its only going up +50%. Dont remember havoc being 50%


@Arelyna Is this a bug?

p.s. On my mini


Probably old if you haven’t logged in a while, team mate got the same on an alt they hadn’t used in awhile


THATS a very old compensation haha. I forget exactly what all was included, but needless to say it was a troublesome update and they issued comp for it. Can probably search 4.8 bugs and find exactly what (I’m about to go to sleep)


Logged about once or twice a week.
Didn’t have it before getting Dioskouri.

Btw, it’s the same device as my main.


Every so often it pops up if you haven’t logged into that account in a while. On occasion, it’s something odd that got cached in the game. It should not pop up again now though.

This has already been pushed over to the Atlas team for investigation. PM me a ticket number if you have one.


my rusher is 6 silver but shows stats of a level 5 in game when im defending. can this be fixed lol. @Arelyna @PGSqurl


If you resummon your prime it should fix it :+1:t3:


i switch prims daily, still an issue.