War dragons crashes everytime screen flips

Ok so i recently updated my phone android s20 plus and now everytime my screen flips the game crashes i mean every time i contacted samsung they say its a pg problem that pg is suppose to update app to work with there update. Is pg looking into this or was samsung blowing smoke at me
I have searched but i cannt find out anything

And other people are saying same thing about crashing just wondering love the game my real only complaint

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This has been happening for MONTHS on my S21. PG says it’s aware of the problem and they’ll close your support tickets but have provided zero communication as to what the status of the bug is.

Truthfully, the Android experience sucks
I have a 10 year old iPad that runs faster than my $800 android and crashes less.

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What I really love is that if it happens during a pvp attack you get nothing. No points, no refund, no battle record saying the attack failed. It just acts like the attack never happened and the rss never existed.

Yep after its been hapenning for months i just learned a new pattern of behaviour with my phone… guess "if you dont flip it it fixes the issue "

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When i set it down and pick it up is when it happens and putting it on portriat doesnt stop it yes if i xont move no crash

But thanks for looking i appericate it

Still gonna keep flying

Yep I have to be sooo careful its really made it hard to play. I put a popsocket on my phone so it won’t lay flat but I still manage to crash out of game several times a day

This is unbelievably upsetting. Especially when I’m busy and defending. I have an S20 and the same problem.

It also lags more than my iPad when loading event/atlas screens. Otherwise, it works better on android than it used to. That’s something, I suppose?

This is why I’ve mostly given up attacking in atlas, because Im on Android and it takes a good 6-10+ seconds (sometimes up to 30s) for a castle menu to load for me. I never knew that for IOS menus open instantly. On top of that I dont fly hunters so it’s rather rare for my atlas attacks to count or not to get countered.


If I’m on my phone, I’m a lot more selective about how and who I hit.

In major battles, I look through the prims on the castle rather than going to the menu. It just means I need to be very careful about who I hit and check before actually attacking.

If I’m sniping, I try to choose castles that I can potentially get started before they get there and know which prim is my target on the castle (so not landing close by to trigger the bot until I’m ready and counting how many trappers from the taunter my target is, for example).

I avoid my phone for PvP because the island would be dead by the time the event loaded.

Also, I try to use invokers if I’m on my phone. I used to fly hunter on my phone all the time, but I can’t seem to manage it now. Probably just spoiled with the iPad and out of practice.

On my phone, I can see more and get a wider view (I can see the destructible tower on island 2 and see towers before the drag completes the turn.)

On my iPad, I cannot see as far, so will often need to shoot blind or can’t see the towers before the turn is almost complete, meaning less time to prepare and more inacurate shots on defended bases.

Overall though, the two devices play very differently.

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This is due to different HxW ratio on your devices and not Android vs. IOS. Other tips are generally good advice but just highlights the added burden that Android users are subjected to, even on the newest/fastest devices they are slower than old iPads.

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My wife and I have S21’s and same **** problem. It is a terrible qol issue for a major portion of the community.

Are there ANY official comments on this issue??

I haven’t seen anything but I never had issues on android until the systen update for my phone happened a couple months ago. Unfortunately it’s making so difficult to play I’ve had to cut back playing WD because I can’t even walk around my house with game open in hand without causing a crash :confused:

The android screen flip crash seems to have been fixed sometime in the past week or so! SSG 21 hasn’t crashed recently so that’s nice.


Though now I occasionally get the “War Dragons has stopped responding” message that wont stop until I reload. Super fun in the middle of an atlas raid