War Dragons Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Hey Dragon Lords!

Here are some new backgrounds for everyone to use for their computers, phones, etc.

We’ll continue updating this thread as new backgrounds are available!

Have any special requests for backgrounds? Let us know! We’re happy to field requests to our team if they have the time to back some cool backgrounds for you all. :slight_smile:

☆ Wintertide Backgrounds (Winter 2017)

☆ Springveil Backgrounds (Spring 2018)

☆ Summerflare Backgrounds (Summer 2018)

☆ Duskfall Backgrounds (Fall 2018)

☆ Winterjól Backgrounds (Winter 2018)

☆ Springblossom Backgrounds (Spring 2019)

☆ Summerkai Backgrounds (Summer 2019)


Thank you! :rose:Looks amazing!:heart_eyes_cat:
Used it for my background in Line WD rooms
Will love to see more,when new dragons will be out :heart_eyes:


I’ve had a look but can’t seem to find any so I was wondering if you had any backgrounds from last seasons dragons please?


@Merlin, I don’t have any that we can post right now, but I can definitely see if we can get some. :slight_smile:

(I know I’d love a Kirin background)

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Aibrean / Corthanak / Nollaig Fireflies Desktop Backgrounds:

Springveil Season Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds:


What about Neptus? Also, are these available for dual screen backgrounds? :blush:

Can we get one for Formhard and Samhard, please :slight_smile:

@Theleka i loveee

Nice work. These look really good.

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Summerflare Season Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Huitzil and Shroud Guard

Coatl and Dragon Dancer

Tanok and Tez

Nal, Tez, and Zotz


Seems that next season need better pairing for dragon and avatar :joy::joy::joy:

Wintertide Season Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Neptus and Captain Tor


Could we possibly have a Necryx Background? :grinning:


Axi please…

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These look nice! Could we also get 1 of ember killing a farm pls

I want an Axi background. I can see what I can do about these background requests. :slight_smile:

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And chunk :roll_eyes:

Aster and phasmos background please

Hey Arelyna,

I may be jumping the gun here, but it would really help me get into the fall season sprit if I had some sweet Duskfall wallpapers. :wink:

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We already are planning on putting some out too.