War Dragons Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds


Woohoo! I just turned on my laptop and saw AirBean and said “meh”. :rofl:


Aster,Morphos and phasmos backgrounds please :grin:


If we are doing suggestions lets get the whole of Algor’s season in on the party. Those guys are still some of my favorite dragons.


Those are amazing! Fantastic job! I can hardly wait for Axi… I love that dragon! :heart:


One Skarr and Nightshade with dark toppings served on a magnificent black lightning.


Duskfall Season Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Portia, the Iron Maiden

Pathox, Masked Jester, and Masked Duelist

Lorenzo, the Dashing Aristocrat and Prospero, the Red Death

Aristrat, Dark Majesty

Somnus, the Nightmare


Yesss, I was just wondering yesterday when these would be coming!


Needs more Pathox.


These look great! Could we get a different angle on Pathox though?


Waiting for this :heart_eyes:


New Duskfall wallpapers have now been added! These include Lorenzo, Prospero, and Aristrat. :ghost:


Going on my office computer tomorrow. Awesome!


These look good. Are we going to have ones for Somnus?


Aristrat background is truly amazing!


Wish Pathox’s was cool like that and not a corny wallpaper fade. :rofl:


Wish there was one of Prospero minus Lorenzo. The rider just looks super awkward and out of place there. The Aristrat background is breathtaking though.


Somnus backgrounds are now available! :smiley:


Is the Winterjól season dragons going to be available for a background too? :grin:


None of these will work for my laptop at 1366 X 768 :sob:


Oh yes :wink: We’ll update this thread when we have them!