War Dragons Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds



Winterjól Season Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Gunnar, Hildr, and Urd, Verd, and Skuld

Winterjól Season Wave 2 Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Jarl, Surt, and Astrid

Winterjól Season Festive Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

Skoll and Hati


Thanks a lot. I would love to have one background picture with Gunnar alone. I really love that dragon. :heart_eyes:


Still half asleep, I thought this said iPhone Xmas background. Got way too excited. :rofl:


Will you add 2nd wave Dragons and Riders?
I’d like one of Jarl specifically and Surt.


Good timing - we’ll probably upload the new wallpapers later today or tomorrow! :wink:


Thank you so much.

I have a strange issue on forums. When I’m on my home internet CenturyLink high-speed internet.

I have a problem uploading pictures to the forum on posts but when I switch over to Verizon Mobile Data on my phone it uploads almost instantly.

  • CenturyLink 10MB/s Down 2MB/s Up.
  • Verizon- 66Mb/s Up/Download.

I think 1MB(megabyte) is 8x 1Mb(megabit)

Do you know why this is happening?


I would love to have a Gunnar Background. I adore this dragon :heart_eyes:


Winterjól Wave 2 Wallpapers are officially live! It’s the same post as the one above, just updated with the new additions. :snowflake:


Surt deserves a Wallpaper destroying a world with the sword

Just saying


What happened to the wallpapers? I’m eagerly awaiting them to be added👻


They are there War Dragons Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds


Nah they had that the other day, I was wanting individual backgrounds like The did for previous seasons like specifically Surt, Jarl, Astrid, and Scoll & Hati but I realize it will take a couple weeks to release the S&H backgrounds.


Do you mean concept art?


Yes for S&H but Jarl and Surt I’d be fine with the backgrounds like the duskfall ones


Skoll and Hati backgrounds have arrived! :snowflake:


I would still kill for an Axi or Chunk wallpaper :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here is Axi. I know I have a picture of Chunk somewhere, but I cannot find it.




Thanks, I needed that back in my life.

I wish that the dragon desktops still came with these nice painted backgrounds. Most of them seem to appear against abstract or really empty backdrops lately. Ah, well.