War Dragons Extra Life Charity Stream


This Friday and Saturday our War Dragons streamers will be livestreaming on Twitch and raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network through the fundraising platform Extra Life.

Please check out this introductory video. Extra Life Introduction Video

100% of donations will go directly to the organizations each streamer has chosen.

To see our War Dragons Team roster to be able to make donations and see the organizations each streamer has chosen, go to War Dragons Extra Life scroll down and click on “Roster”.

While we are live we will be streaming together for the first and last 2 hours of this fund raising event as a group and will face a challenge wheel for donations. During our individual streams each streamer will have their own incentives for donations.

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In partnership with Pocket Gems and the War Dragons team, we have some awesome rewards for donors!

We will be revealing next seasons name and all of the concept art for wave 1 dragons as we reach donation milestones set by our team.
*1k to reveal the upcoming season name
*3k to reveal the discount dragon
*7k to reveal a mythic
*10k to reveal a mythic
*13k to reveal a mythic
*15k we (stream team) will all do every challenge on the wheel together

All donors will receive all 3 2018 winter festival portraits; Festive Tor, Festive Ash and Festive Kharnyx.

There will also be a raffle for all donors after the stream event is over.

  • 5 $5-donors will be randomly selected to receive a Bronze LaikaDream Value Pack
  • 10 $25-donors will be randomly selected to receive a Silver LaikaDream Value Pack
  • 15 $50-donors will be randomly selected to receive a Gold LaikaDream Value Pack
  • 20 $100-donors will be randomly selected to receive a Platinum LaikaDream Value Pack

What are these LaikaDream Value Packs you ask???
$5 - 2,500 Rubies, 6 bronze chests
$25 - 11,000 Rubies, 6 gold, 28 bronze chest
$50 - 22, 000 Rubies, 3 draconics, 12 gold
$100 - 44,000 Rubies 24 gold chests, 6 draconics, 24 - 12 hour speedups
:point_up:t2: WOW those look amazing!
:warning:MOST IMPORTANTLY :warning:
Make sure to post your in game name in either your name or in a comment. You can post anonymously so no one will see your secret identity, but we need to see your in game name to give you prizes and get you into the raffles!!!
Please see picture below for details. :point_down:t2:

This concludes our AWESOME massive update.
Please ask questions if you have them!
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You will find our schedule and links to each of our channels below.

Links to our War Dragons streamers that are participating in this fundraising event:

LaikaDream’s Channel

Peparoni’s Channel

Peter’s Channel

Phlony’s Channel

The event will be going nonstop from Friday the 18th at 4pm pacific through Saturday the 19th at 2pm with each streamer raiding the next.

Here is our list of group incentives that we will be doing together to kick off and end the stream in the first 2 and last 2 hours of the event.

Please help us make a difference in the lives of families who need it. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Make sure to post your in game name with your donation in the comments of your donation if you donate.



Loooove the update ! Cant wait !! :heart:


So just to clarify, you want our IGNs in the comment section and not in the “name” section?

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Either works.

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Thank you! :pray:t2:

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Just a reminder that our 22 hour Charity Stream is tomorrow!!

The stream will be from 7pm EST until 5pm EST starting on Friday straight through until Saturday afternoon. It will be hosted by 4 channels on Twitch; my channel, LaikaDream’s Channel, Pepperoni’s Channel and Phlony’s channel!!

It is for the Children’s Miracle Network

Through Extra Life, we are doing a joint Charity stream to help put smiles on sick children

100% of donations will go to hospitals and help support children that are sick (surgery, medicine, treatment, etc)

We have also partnered with PocketGems and have some additional incentive from WarDragons to give to the community and all that donate to this cause

As we hit donation milestones, we will be making next season wave 1 dragons available to be showcased during the stream on Friday

Every donor, regardless of the value will be given 3 holiday portraits from 2018 and also be put into a raffle to possibly win special charity stream specific bundles depending on the value that we are giving away so if you do decide to contribute to this cause, make sure that you provide your IGN as well either as the name you are donating under or as a comment when submitted

The donation link is already available under our channels or you can find it below :blush:

Share this post with everyone you know, and let’s get some smiles on the faces of sick children!! Regardless of whether you play the game or not, this is a great cause!

I would like to thank all of those participating in making this happen as well as all that are donating towards it!!

At this rate, I am going to end up with pink hair and a waxed armpit :joy:

On a side note; I have an anonymous donor that reached out saying that if 4 more people donate $100, they will match that value! Anyone up for the challenge?!


I really love the idea of this.
Would it be possible to do this yearly but for different charities.
It’s so lovely to see the war dragon community get together and help people in need :heart:.


So we can donate now? I work all day tomorrow and won’t be able to watch but will help now if possible. Best of luck and thanks for sacrificing your time to do this!!!

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Yes, just press on the link :smile:
If you tap on the “War Dragons Game” and then on “Roster” u can also chose another person like Laika/Peperoni or Phlony :blush:


Thanks for the help.


It seems I can’t send money through.

I pay with this same billing address for everything I spend in WD so I’m not sure why it’s not working.

I’ve donated with paypal :sweat_smile: that worked fine


I also did the same, that seemed to fix whatever issue the regular way was having. As I also was having trouble with the credit card option.


Ok great, I’ll make a PayPal account tomorrow. Thanks for the help :hugs:


Our big day has arrived AND I have an update!

Since the War Dragons team just plumped up the packs that are purchasable in the store they also decided to plump up our reward packs for our raffles. I have updated the raffle info above (all raffle pack rewards have increased in rubies and chests). Huge shout out to the War Dragons team for continuing to do their best to make this an awesome event for us!

I might have another surprise in store and will do my best to keep you posted!

We are looking forward to seeing you all later today on Twitch! :tada:




Y’all ready for another update?!?!

Got the go ahead from PG that we can also reveal the 4 wave 1 portraits for donation milestones.

The stream team and I have decided that revealing them between our dragon milestones would be best.

Here is what that looks like:

1k - season name
3k - discount dragon
5k - Portrait
7k - mythic
8.5k - portrait
10k -mythic
11.5k -portrait
13k - Mythic
14.5k - portrait
15k - we (the stream team) all salvage one Mythic ammo rune
20k - Peter will build one max Ballista :rofl:

:warning: :warning: :warning: We are already over 3k so we will be revealing the winter season name and the discount dragon on the kick off stream! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Just curious, how much about the dragons will you guys get to reveal? Just the artwork? Art and name? Art name and class/element? Everything plus spells?

Anyway, looking forward to it and hopefully the goal is reached so we can see that gorgeous ballista :joy:

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Just the art and the names. Similar to how the teases have previously happened a week or two out from each season. Pretty cool we get the portraits too!