War Dragons - Fan Artwork

Happy Father’s Day! And in case some people missed it here’s mine from Mother’s Day


awesome! and we’ll look for it!

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I like it, and me seeing the eyes made me kinda laugh especially if you look at the head from an angle

The eyes look pretty goofy if you look at it from the snout to the eyelids.


:joy:it’s cute

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I’m gonna focus on one dragon for the step by step. I’ve chosen to do that with Avernic. Please keep in mind that I make separate layers for EVERYTHING with labels so I don’t screw up and have to restart something.
Step 1) I rough sketched Avernic in a sketch book and once I got the pose I liked, I uploaded it to my iPad

Step 2) I traced his body outline in a dark red color, I also adjusted the proportions of his body. I trace in any color but black so I don’t confuse myself when I color

Step 3) Next is the armor, I traced it in a dark grey color. I adjusted the armor and added in some detail that I didn’t have in the rough sketch. On a different layer than the body

Step 4) I traced the hands that come out of the portal on Avernic’s chest in a light green. Adjusted the sizes and the way they look as I saw fit. All on a separate layer from the armor and body

Step 5) Now’s the fun part on base coloring the body, armor, and hands. I usually will eye drop the colors from Avernic’s official picture that was released at the Season Reveal Live Stream (I do this with the other dragons as well) All base colors are on different layers

Step 6) For this part, I add the markings on Avernic’s body, color in his mouth, eye, and claws. I have the markings and teeth color on a separate layer from the mouth layer, it’s easier to properly 3D them later on without colors mixing weirdly.

Step 7) Last but not least, I do his wings, usually I have the patience for tiny details but Avernic’s wings are dreadful to fully draw without a pencil. My apple pencil broke so I use my finger to do everything on my iPad. ANYWAY. I do one wing first, then I copy the layer, flip the second wing and move it where I need it.

Step 8) He’s now ready to undergo the the process I call 3D-ing! I have the OG image out to reference for his glowing parts (chains, wings, eye, portal)

Please note that I won’t be doing any step by steps for the other 2 dragons in the portrait or the background and foreground. I will continue with Avernic’s 3D-ing process when I have the other dragons, background, and foreground done. Reasons why I won’t do the other’s step by step is to keep this thread organized-ish and not to spoil my end result of the piece.
Anyways, stay tuned for the next bit! It will take a while to update since I put care and effort into my art ( like everyone else lol) and I work. Feel free to ask any questions if a step isn’t very clear, I’m not the best at explaining or teaching for that matter but I do hope this helps others in any small or big way! :hugs:


He looks awesome so far!

Thank you! Your Hunter dragon is pretty sick. I like how creepy it looks and the multiple eyes. It sees EVERYTHING lol

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Which program do you use?:smile:

I use MediBang Paint. It’s pretty user friendly

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Thank you!, I’m thinking of publishing a coloring book

Oooooo!!! You better let us know if you do!!! You can take all my money then :joy::joy::joy:

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I will and shh :joy:

thanks for sharing this with everyone! will mention on an upcoming stream


No stream today?

I don’t think there is a stream every Friday my guy

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Oh. Okay, I’m still new to streams

Because of how LENGTHY my 3Ding process is, I’m gonna post each body portion I do individually. I entirely forgot to do a step by step for the wings, so I just took a screenshot of my color palate and brushes used. I will also post the mouth portion that I remembered to do, so!
Note, the effect/3D coloring is on separate layers than base colors!!!

Step 1) I made a color palette of Avernic’s wings by eye dropping the colors I needed from his reference picture.
Step 2) I used the water color brush to map out and then slightly blend the colors together.
Step 3) After I was satisfied with the colors, I used the blur brush to heavily blur the colors together to get a dull glow effect.
Step 4) On a 3rd layer, I used more neon green colors to add a slightly brighter glowing effect to the wings. I used the airbrush tool to do so and then heavy blurred it with the blur brush to get a the slightly brighter glow

Here’s where things will start to get confusing so I will do my best to explain
Step 1) I hid the line art layer and filled in the gaps where color didn’t get to because of the line art on the base color layer

To help separate the teeth a little, I used a slightly darker color
(I made a layer above the base layers. It definitely helps so colors don’t blur awkwardly)
Step 2) Focusing on the gums, roof/back/bottom of the mouth. I made a color pallet consisting of both increasing highlight colors and shade colors. Strictly using black and white isn’t how we shade and highlight my friends. Using the watercolor brush, I start putting in the highlighted areas in first and then the shadows. Knowing where your light source is, is key!

Step 3) Gently blur it all together with the blur brush!
Step 4) Now we’re focusing on the tongue! Just like above, I made a color palette for the tongue in both highlights and shades. Using the watercolor brush, I layered the colors together. Remember that the teeth cast shadows!

Step 5) Gently blur everything together!

Step 6) Teeth are not pure white, they get stained yellow from sugar and other things from consuming food. With that said, we use more yellow to grey yellow/dark grey to shade our teeth and use pale yellow to white to highlight the teeth. Using the water color brush, I stacked the colors together until I got the right amount of shading/highlighting needed

Step 7) Gently blur it all together!

Step 8) Those extra bits of flesh between the top and lower jaw, idk what they are called :woman_shrugging:. This section of flesh is somewhat thin so light goes through it a bit but not a lot. So I made a color palette in both shades and highlights. Then with that watercolor brush we all know and love, I stacked my colors again according to the light source.

Step 9) You guessed it, gently blur it all together!

Throw in some saliva while your at it too. Right on the tongue and gums where it’s supposed to be. If you want to make those long strands, go for it! Flare is always welcome.

My next step by step will be focusing on that lovely portal and the glowing sticky hands. I swear those arms have NO BONES. I will return with that. Soon-ish??? We don’t rush art. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy this step by step thing and I hope it’s helping!


Alright, I’m back sooner than expected lol.
Let’s get straight to business with not only the chest portal and the sticky hands but also the eye too.
As always, keep note that I do things on separate layers

Step 1) I fill in the eye with the base color where the color wasn’t filled in with the line art.
Step 2) I made a color palette that would give me a slight glowing effect. I know that Avernic’s eyes at mythic stage are straight white but I liked the green too much so he has green eyes in mine.

Step 3) I use that water color brush to stack my color palette
Step 4) I used that blur brush to blur it all together

Easy part is done, now it’s on to the arms and portal. It’s a bit of a bumpy ride so hold on tight

I needed to establish the light source coming from there to help with getting the arms done right and eventually the rest of the body and the armor.
Step 1) I filled in the portal with an eye dropped color from Avernic’s picture
Step 2) I began making a lighter color palette for the portal going up in brightness.
Step 3) I used the water color brush to layer it and then blurred it together with the blur brush

Step 4) to give it a stronger glow, I made another layer and with the airbrush, I used white and then blurred

*step one will reference the picture right above :point_up:
Step 1) I dimmed the line are layer for the arms and used both lighter and darker colors to show me where everything is. While I was at it, I made a color palette to use for the color stacking
Step 2) With that water color brush, I stacked my colors together. I did the lighter parts first and then the shaded parts.

I hid the armor when I screenshotted this but the armor does affect where the shadows go and how light hits the arms!
Step 3) I blurred everything together and after I did, I took another, darker color and emphasized the arms, hands, digits, to make them easier to see

Next up is the armor, it also glows (chains have a greenish glow) so when I finish with that, I’ll post it. The body/body markings/claws will be last as those are all affected by the different light sources.

Anyways, I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and I’ll be back with more soon-ish!