War Dragons for science

Now we know that wind is faster than light…


  1. Mehaten’s HB
  2. Mehaten’s laser :sunglasses:
  3. Mehaten’s Solar Beam (laser + SHB) :star_struck:
  4. Lightspeed
  5. Winter’s Bite (stream of icy wind…)

Any other fun fact?


Idk if fun fact but more like useless fact i guess i just learned yesterday is that Battlecry can be stacked, i did not know it was stackable idk why. A little more details with that is, x8 casts= 260%(edit 160%) increase so around 32.5%(edit 20%)buff per cast with a dragon thats got over 30% battlecry buffs applied in runes/ glyphs.

Anyway im sure you already knew this and even if u didnt like i said useless anyway but i found it interesting nonetheless lol

Oh and i get ur sarcasm or whatever just attention deficit

Lol, I’m bored…

Join the club lol but i did appreciate the post, always good to learn

Correction was 160% buff with x8 casts so 20% buff each so i guess runes do nothing

Meh is pretty … and pretty useless. :confused:

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We need more dragons with lasers.


Not really. He is a good for Perch :man_shrugging:


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