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Hey Everyone!

I can’t stop thing about how War dragons seasons are usually when earth season finish soo I had in mind what if War Dragons could do the same…

Like hear me out here. So with each and every new War Dragon Season, the season of the game changes as well…

Summer: Is what it already looks like that we have on the game already.

Spring: The grasslands around our towers are more colourful ful

Autumn: The trees that are around our towers and free spaces are more colourful

Winter: The trees all have no leaves just branches and the water freezes, but the boats are still there but around frozen water! And some frozen area can be melted to get boosters and speed ups!

I hope this makes sense to everyone haha :sweat_smile:

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They used to have season skins, however they stopped a while ago. I think it was due to causing bugs or something but I’m not sure.


May have even been time spent on something that didn’t generate direct revenue.

There was a skin that was particularly horrendous for unintended gameplay behaviour too.

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