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I didn’t realize the base level determined how many of each tower can be built. Thanks for the info! :hugs:



It’s a good thing you can build up to 8 of these bad boys. Don’t think I’ll have more than about 6 or 7 though

Also, L65 towers eh? Are we allowed to know about that yet?


Where’s the firing rate? @xxBoudica


Why yes, yes we are. :grin:

As announced: https://www.facebook.com/groups/110124439642795/permalink/192825684706003/


Firing rate I imagine would be similar to the fire flak since the range is but maybe @PGCrisis or @Arelyna can clarify.


Firing rate is once per second

Boosted power to nearby towers: Introducing the Electro Flak Tower!

You got to be kidding. As fast as an Ice Flak?

So DPS is HIGHER than Dark Flak? Like almost double? Wow. Please double confirm as this is a game changer.

Just noticed that the announcement post has damage in DPS - and I suspect that is the way DF damage is reported also in @Sandberg’s site. So I’m not going to go ballistic for now…

@arelyna please confirm the DPS output of all flaks - ideally on the same table :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!



Thanks!! Just to be sure, does this mean you’ll have 13% bonus on attack and tower hp??


Announcement is always dps, js.
And that rate of fire means it will be a killer flak :man_facepalming:t2:.
Ok, my alt is getting new little gift now :see_no_evil:
@xxBoudica looks like rate of fire is as fast as ice flak.


If my math is correct, it appears it will add 13% each for HP and Attack if you complete those skill sets.

I am sure others will check the math too :wink:


@Luffy appears so. I am leary LOL I fell for the Ice Flak and it doesn’t appear to do much :see_no_evil:


Some places are better, like front line of island 4 (edited) without activating supershot.
And in short island with remaining 2 flaks and mages in right order.


“Combat related buffs from this type of rider will only buff the base stats of the affected towers, but these buffs will not stack on top of tower boost consumables.

Does defensive rider buffs not stack with tower consumables? (30% HP/ATT)


I’d venture that’s wrong


Yes, it means that buffs stack .
But just that the buff will be on 100% base stats, and not 130% base stats.
So effectively , the meaning is:-
If Buff of Rider = 10%
Buff due to base = 30%
Total Buff is 40% and not 43% .

But that’s only inference i make from that statement. What actually happens is something which is mystery to me currently but i think this may make sense.

The First Seasonal Defensive Dragon Rider, Tanok!