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I stand corrected, thank you all :blush:

Edit: I see that I have indeed missed the streams recently (like I said was possible :see_no_evil:)

In the original announcement the info I have was correct: In a blaze of glory, the Summerflare Season is here!

“The other branch of the Summerflare season will not represent the updates noted above. Similar to the Springveil season, both of the Legendary Dragon branches from the second wave will be needed to be claimed in order to unlock the Veteran Rider branch!”

I am however happy to see that this is no longer the case and will edit my content appropriately :slight_smile:




Here is some details on Axi! This cute little guy will be available this week.

Also - if you’re new to Atlas, there are two courses in the Academy regarding getting started with more courses to come soon!





Handy and shareable one page Special Edition with the upcoming updates.


I removed my comment cause I read your post wrong. Thanks for the info! :hugs:



Check out the Academy for a new course tailored with information on the new Temple Raid event. Go to
the .info site to give it a run.


This course will be updated with more pictures and tips as further iterations happen!



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