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Hello fellow dragon fliers!

My name is xxBoudica and I am the Dean of the War Dragons.info Academy. The Academy is a collaborative effort of many professors to provide guides to key events and game aspects. At the moment, the majority of our available courses is geared to those just learning to fly or those needing a bit more clarification. We do plan to provide more advanced courses in the near future! Great news! Huge thanks to Alleviates and worldclass.io, the academy is now available on all mobile devices too! Learn on the go! The Academy location

Keep an eye on this forum for new course announcements, event notices, and the Academy Newsletter! If you have course suggestions, questions, etc, please feel free to post!

As always, happy hunting! Dean Bou


Check out this week’s newsletter.
There is a new course available - Sorcerers 101. In this course you can find the red to gold tier sorcerers, tips for flying them, and lots of other useful information.

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Here is this week’s Edition of the Academy Newsletter

We have a brand new course available: Defending 101! This course is designed to give newer players the basic knowledge on how to defend themselves and their team mates. Check it out and refer it to a friend or team member!

Happy Thanksgiving and as always, happy hunting! Dean Bou


Well, here we are at the end of another season and I hope you all got what you were aiming for!

Check out this weeks edition of the Academy Newsletter and as always, happy hunting!

Dean Bou



Good morning fellow fliers! See details in this week’s newsletter regarding the new spells for the Tempest collection and the new giveaway!

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Our very first Student of the Week and giveaway winner is…BewbsMcGee! Congratulations!!

If you are registered for the War Dragons Academy through Worldclass.io, don’t forget to check the email address early in the week to see if you were selected! If I do not receive a response with your IGN we will have to select another user for the giveaway!

If you have not registered for the Academy and wish to check it out and be eligible for the giveaway, now’s the time! www.wardragons.info/academy


What a great name for the winner :rofl::rofl:


I loved it! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Good morning flyers! Below is this week’s edition of the Newsletter. Check it out to see info on this week’s event as well as the results of opening just over 1000 saved bronze chests!

Happy hunting! Dean Bou


Check out this week’s Newsletter!

Very important! - in order to process the giveaway, the one emailed must reply with their IGN. Please check the email that you registered in the Worldclass academy with to see if it was you!

Happy Holidays everyone! And as always, happy hunting!

Dean Bou




Neptus’ Tidal Surge has been officially changed to a white spell!


Congratulations to this week’s Student of the Week! Check the email you registered in the Academy app each week to see if you have been chosen!


Hello fellow fliers! Please see the below for the Academy’s newest Newsletter Edition as well as a Special Edition with the new Harbinger Tier details!


Below is the 19th Edition of the War Dragons Academy Newsletter! Enjoy :slight_smile:

Go to www.wardragons.info/academy to see the courses available


Check out this week’s Edition of the Academy Newsletter and the newest course available!


Dragon Lords.

I am the collector, the teacher for the graphic courses starting today. I will be putting mor content on the academy pertaining to creating 3d images and art.

I want to have a weekly webinar as well stsrting next week. I am thinking wednesdays at 4pm pacific. I would be curious about what input you may have about the class and how to make it better or what additional tutorials you would like to see.

Thanks for the support and please support wardragons.info