War Dragons.info Academy: Newsletter and Available Course


I have just added a “Post Production101” class as well.

This class takes you through a FREE program very much like photoshop. GIMP is an open source product and is one of the highest rated pieces of software on the net.

You will see me take a naked image and dress it up to a finished piece of art.

I hope you enjoy these tutorials.


Not sure I want to see a naked picture of you but I will reserve judgement until which time I see. :blush:


My wife thinks i have a thing for a crtain type of model, you will see in the lesson.

I blame her, she is a beautiful woman.


:thinking: Your wife must play and read the forums.


No, she doesnt. Thats a simple compliment behind her baxk



Valentine’s Day drag!

Introducing a new series, Quick Reference Guides for those new to War Dragons Events.


Not a criticism but I thought inner fires don’t help in one of the pvp events? Is it KOTH? Maybe I’m wrong? If so, disregard.


Inner Fires work in tug of war I think it is KOTH but I’m not 100% sure either. I just know it works in tug of war


Yes KOTH, where you have the option to raid.


You both are correct, TOW does allow inner fires and KOTH has the raid button and also uses siege weapons. I don’t believe inners help you at all on KOTH.


I was just commenting on the part of the newsletter that says inner fires “help with all PVP”. Didn’t want people being confused.


Very good catch! Thank you :slight_smile:


Corrected :smiley:



Don’t forget that KotH uses Bonus Meter :smile:


I miss the bonus meter :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hopefully this stays in place whenever KOTH comes again and I will include it in that event guide :slight_smile: