War Dragons.info Academy: Newsletter and Available Course


Where are my courses? :hushed:


I was down on Kirin until it passed the into the Gold level and it became viable. Actually shocked, perhaps because my expectations were so low but now as a gold Dragon it can level 100+ level bases.

Leo’s is a brute! Great resistance and a shield he is killing bases as well.

Equestor is my favorite even though he has no shield. That thunderbolt is brutal and two can level a double island quickly.


What are you talking about?? they are right there :wink: :sweat_smile:

Newsletter edited to include the Academy’s Graphics courses and a New Fort Event Course!


Congrats to last week’s Student of the Week! All you need to do to enter for the giveaway is remember to fill out a course survey after completing a course in the Academy and include your in game name!


Lots of info for this week along with the Newsletter! Check it out :slight_smile:


“Upgrade your base”? Train your dragons?


Correct! Thank you! I’ll make that adjustment :blush:






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