War dragons is down?

What’s going on I can’t enter the game?!

They don’t want your money anymore Rec :man_shrugging:

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Not sure I was just on with no problems :thinking:

lol doubt that

Hey, I’ve gotten this on two separate occasions. Both after backing the same guy in a PVP event and getting the strangest “crash” I’ve ever seen. He died and I picked a dragon, granted I took a little time to get my mind made up, but then I see my dragon start flying but my perspective is from behind the dragon (like I was following it) and couldn’t shoot.

Then I would swipe out and end task, even reboot my phone and get the message you show above. I stupidly believed it once and just waited thinking, “well that’s weird they decided to update their servers in the middle of a PVP, but hey, PG does funny things sometimes”.

Anyhow, long story even longer, I had to uninstall the game and re-install it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A “POCKETID” BEFORE you uninstall.

Good luck, and PS, you might get some weird behavior like the giant avatar of others blocking your spells and such while your device downloads all the files every run for a bit.

Good luck, let me know if this works. I never filed a ticket since I figured out how to deal with it. Curious if you had same thing happen before you got this message.

Yea reinstalling it worked

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