War dragons is encouraging to bullying


Let me see if I can find a reasonable explanation for this. Why the strongest teams in this game are playing and fighting side by side ? What does that means? That they are afraid of what ? Right now atlas is extremely boring having only fewer teams attacking while the majority can’t defend. This game is so messy and clearly full of bullies. Each one of the 5 teams in the number 1 alliance in the game can have an own alliance and fight against the other 4 teams-alliances but no :joy: they are such a big :hatching_chick: Is like there is no balls enough to challenge teams of their same size no no no they have to fight together just like bullies do. Only *********** are save from the bullies like all those sapphire teams holding level 4 or even weak d2 teams. Is amazing to see how this game is dying. Only feel sorry for all those that have a little bit of pride and aren’t kissing butts, because they are about to lose everything. Soon no level 4s will left now that all 5s are in the same side. Beware level 3s soon the bullies will come after you. Shame on PG by allowing war dragons to encourage bullying.


You are about to get trolled bad. Just giving you fair warning. Actually they’ll probably close this thread because you aren’t on their side.


Oh yeah I’m really sure they will send their :dog: to close the thread. But at least is out of my mouth. This is insane.


Isn’t winning the goal? Aren’t these teams…winning?


Winning what? Oh you mean the game. If by winning you mean killing yes sure.


While I agree that atlas has become mostly one sided and is absolutely pathetic from a gamer’s point of view, I don’t think is the game itself that encourages this. Is more about the audience it attracts and the community itself.

But lets be real, at the end of the day is just a mini-game, with no professional competitive environment so there will never be a huge push for balance.


According to you they…

  • have the best lands
  • have the best alliance
  • have the best (everything) in Atlas

Isn’t that winning? Why should they stop winning just to work harder?

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Is ok I totally understand you. Is ok. Is gonna be alright. I’ll start looking for a different game since y’all are ruining this game thinking the way you are. No offense.


:thinking: Please tell me how politics in the real world works…


I’ve told you countless times that it’s not bullying. It’s character building.




:joy: oh my, comparing a game to politics and to real world :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


what an ignorant comment lmfao…
In the real world people die when politics go wrong so lets not compare.

You can bring politics into this discussion all you want, end of the day, most tops teams right now whether they are there because they deserve it or because they got lifted by dread, are now allies. Why is this an issue? because is not the real world, is a game, and there is currently no competition in it.

Not pointing fingers, not saying any particular team does not deserve their spot (there is plenty of them tho), just stating the fact that competition is slowly dying in a static world environment.


What does “deserve” mean I wonder?


What you are saying is that LD; empire; neeze and DC have no character :joy: yep a typical sign of bullies


up to you, that’s why I didn’t go any deeper into it, is irrelevant.

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Isn’t it the same?
If you don’t like your ‘ruler’, try to compete being one, suck it up, or move to another group, or country.
In game, you can always compete, stay where you are, or find another game. :woman_shrugging:

Even a rule to remove alliance won’t work, as they can create an informal one.

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:tongue: lickers everywhere :joy: :see_no_evil: is ok guys we understand you all. You have lots to lose, probably everything you have was given and will be taken if stop :tongue:


Your comment is so off-topic is hard to respond. I swear this forums sometimes… lol

what are you talking about?

who says I want to be a ruler? lmfao are you even reading the discussion?

I do play other games, real games where skills is a thing, you should try one of those. Having that said, I wont leave war dragons just because atlas is controlled by a single alliance/team. I even think once it reaches a certain point, it will become boring enough that competition will sprout once again.