War Dragons Just Turned 3 - Let’s Celebrate!


So asking for our name, email, and age, in addition to our IGN… is this so that PG or “Gleam” can profile us as players? Is the intention to send marketing material to players? Is Gleam paying PG for each player that fills out the form?

I’d like to know more before I put my information out there. Is there a disclosure page you could point us to?


The link in the in game email did not work for me, so I am posting here. My in game name is DragonWolfLady :grin:


Just participated: thank you
i hope this giveaway will also contain a special portrait for game :grin:


Of course.
Your emailaddress has become a currency for companies. Either use a special emailaddress for these kind of things or don’t participate in it.


Kinda figured… never did get a response on that… :thinking:


The link above doesn’t work for me :thinking:


We collect IGNs so we can contact winners and, of course, credit them their prize. :slight_smile: Age is kept at 13+ to participate because that is the same minimum age that is required to play the game. It’s mostly for legal purposes so we have confirmed all users are above the age of 13. Name and e-mail are just a base requirement of using Gleam. We will sometimes contact winners via e-mail to confirm their IGNs if they’re entered incorrectly or misspelled, but that would be the extent of it.

We will not send any marketing material to players unless they opt into subscribing to the Dragons newsletter, which isn’t a requirement to enter the giveaway! Gleam does not pay for any player that fills out the form - Gleam is just the host for the campaign and should not ever share / use your information or contact you unless you give explicit permission.

Hope this helps!


It does help, thank you! I like knowing what people do with my information! Beyond that, I am grateful that WD doesn’t have pop up ads or screens, or try to give me rubies for downloading an app or game.

I am happy to buy a pack every once in a while ( I do) and pay for an elite account ( I do this also) so that we never have to see these things in the game!

I appreciate the time you took to reply… I know sometimes it can get a little snarky ( the old " I know you’re giving me stuff, but…" thing), however I was just looking for the info you provided, so again, thank you! :metal:


It’s no problem at all! :slight_smile: Best of luck!


There’s also their privacy policy:


Why won’t the link work for me and can you please post a hyperlink.


It works now hahaha :sweat_smile::man_facepalming:


@PGCrisis curious to know if the winners have been chosen/ posted anywhere


Nope! The giveaway is ending tonight at midnight PT. Next week, we will be randomly choosing the winners and we’ll post an update on those winners sometime next week! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the quick response and the info


I just saw this :rofl:

I normally do not go for the cruder sort of humor, but that really takes the cake. Thanks Mechengg.


Cambridge Analytica said the same thing when they created an app and then scrapped millions of Facebook accounts , if they had it so it was ingame name only and not the email address associated with the game name then so be it, best of luck in comp but knowing what I know and seeing the news I am never allowing third party apps ever to get my details


Yeah, it was just to answer the person asking; I have garbage email/facebook accounts and such for those :smiley:


When can we expect the winners to be announced?


Right about…NOW!

After random selection, we’ve got our ten winners for the giveaway! Thank you for everyone who participated in our giveaway, and congrats to our winners!