War Dragons lore 🦖


Hey forum friends!
Sooo, there is indeed this thread and some others discussing Abraxxas lore, but most of ‘em seem to be closed. I’d love all the old lore/screenshots/whatever that I can get my hands on. I’d really like to write a tale featuring some of the dragons in the game and I’d want to stick to “canon” or something. Lol.
I’d also like to know about those Atlas regions that are in the most recent lore. Windswept Shroud is one of them I think? :thinking: Just post anything old and lore-y here, I’d love to see it. :t_rex:



Ahhh I found this! Yay. :t_rex:


Nice find. I was always under the impression that our bases were just a bunch of floating islands, and that’s how we could see different teams islands during the team guantlet event

If I’d known that off-topic threads didn’t close, I would have made my own lore thread an off-topic thread as well.


You could always PM a mod to open it back up for you :slight_smile:


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