War Dragons Merch

Does War Dragons still allocate any sort of merchandise to the player base?

I’m recalling a time when players were able to purchase merch from the War Dragons team, and I’m not sure whether they’ve discontinued it or not, but that seems to be the case.

I’m only raising this because the thought emerged in my head and I figured it would be good to raise for business purposes.

We’ve seen how successful the minor in-game cosmetics such as base skins have turned out to be, so merch (assuming it’s been discontinued as I haven’t seen anything of it in a while) should have the same effect (if not a greater one) in ensuring the business stays buoyant.

I remember when people used to purchase what was available with their money. I think it would be worth revisiting from a business perspective. @PGCarlos


Chunk themed T shirts, car bumper stickers and mugs would be #1 source of revenue I am sure :slight_smile:


Chunk plushies would be the greatest source of revenue PG ever came up with. Have them come in various sizes. Key chain, hand held, stuffed animal, “I can drive in the carpool lane with this” and “This is my new bed” sizes. Then do special holiday themed ones.
Ruru and I alone would probably each go bankrupt and have to live in a pile of hippo plushies


Well, family puppies can have all the dragon dolls pg will sell.

There is still this https://shop.wardragons.com/

even though I don’t think it has been updated with new items in years.

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and no… no Chunk plushies

I’m going to go with that that store is defunct.

You can purchase phone cases for iPhone 6 (as the newest model) on it

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@FreeM314 Get in here, now!


While we’re at it, can I get a barbend dartboard, so I can practise… my darts skills…? :eyes:

It better not contain a automatic-dart-cannon to prevent me from hitting it


War Dragons figurines would be epic!

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I heard they started selling flesh like replicas for their male player base so they could continue not to meet girls (or guys if they swing that way).