War Dragons on iPhone 8+ 🦖

Hey forum friends,
I’m getting an iPhone 8+ tomorrow (hopefully lol, if not tomorrow then soon); switching from a 6s. I’m just wondering how optimized War Dragons is for the newer-generation iPhones and if there’s any bugs/problems/changes I should be aware of.
I’d switch to Android but, um, we all know how well WD does on that.
Thanks ya’ll. :t_rex:

Good luck!

My main is on an iPhone 8+

No issues with the device at all.


8 Plus is my main device for a year. Problem free experience from the HW and iOS side. Might need to switch between LTE and WIFI a lot if you are T-Mobile though. WD seems to have trouble loading bases/game up sometimes and that helps.

Also, good choice on not taking iPhone X. 8 Plus definitely wins over the X when it comes to playable screen estate for WD.

Go for it.

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Next question, what would be the BEST phone for WD? I was thinking of a new phone as well.

Awesome, thanks! I’m not thinking of the X at all, way too expensive and not worth it over the 8/8+. I’m on AT&T with wifi that goes down randomly sometimes, but it hasn’t been too much of an issue honestly. :grin: :t_rex:

Anything running iOS. Android is very laggy with WD and also, well it’s Android. :smiling_imp:

I think iPhone 8Plus is the best iPhone ever made and it still doesn’t have the notch. Though buying it in October would be wise as 3-4 new iPhones are coming out and the price will drop big time.

The new $300 iPad is great too, if you give them your old iPhone (6 and newer) you’ll get $100+ off. For $220 you can have a 10 inch tablet that will last you for years and supports Apple Pencil.

You might be able to get a brand new 8+ and a brand new iPad for a price of a new high-end Phone.

Lastly, there should be a new entry level 6.1 inch LCD screen iPhone in the $600 range. If you can wait till October and don’t mind the notch it can be a great investment. I personally prefer the home button, finger print scanner and love force touch - non of which will be on the new iPhones.

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Apple is now selling the 8+ in red. It’s kind of a late special edition thing - if you are interested.

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Does it cost extra? I’m getting a black protective case for it and red would look super cool with it.
Edit: According to the internet, it apparently does not :grin: :t_rex:

Same price

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WD has video and main RAM leaks under both - iOS and Droid. So, lags and crashes will be there on any device, but with lower frequency on the flagmans.
Droids on snap 835 and 845 with 6 gigs is running better than iphones 6s,7 for me :slight_smile:

btw, droid clent is obviously running under some guard software (security layer preventing inmemory editing). thats why its less stable and laggy on low performance devices. and thats why the most of cheats are comming from iOS.

Main IPad Pro = a dream

Alt iPhone 8+ = super fast also problem free but the bigger screen of the iPad is worth the purchase.

Also the new iPad (not pro) starts at $399 and is as fast as a iPhone 7 = more than enough

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