War dragons on pc

I would just love it if war dragons could be played on computers without using emulators.
I really hope the developers would consider.


I don’t even want to think about how that would work cause this game is completely built around being on mobile lol


i think it would work different keys for different spells and holding down mouse button for breath attack and clicking with cursor instead of dapping.
just a suggestion, could work maybe.

Ive thought about that too, but I just cant think of a way to make that work.
On one hand the game might be way more stable lol with less crashes etc, but flying a hunter or an invoker would just be impossible.

Have you guys ever heard of osu! :joy: def not impossible

The game barely works as is on Android, PC would probably be a complete trainwreck.


I vote no.
How would you be of any help to a team in Atlas if you’re only way to help is if you’re stuck to your pc at home, unable to take it on the go?

There is no flexibility to play at work or away from the house. You’re are also more likely to miss whatever is going on in Atlas as @ group and other notifications will not work for you.

Maping Attacks
If a PC version comes out and there is a way to map attacks then sorry, but AI will always trump human error to get the same perfect results every time. Thus how will PG handle the modding community? Modding is so vastly easier on computers in comparision to mobile, and those of us who want pure fair gameplay may end up walking away as the gap between AI to manual will be large.

The last thing into question is if it will be cross platform or not. If no, then the above arguments for AI vs manual will be void as everyone will have the same experience. (The modding community will still be an issue however)


I think you could use Samsung Dex to get keyboard and mouse support easily

There are touchscreen monitors, so… :rofl::joy::see_no_evil:

Uh please no my hands can’t take it playing on a computer already attempted a laptop and it was painful and too difficult. Like let’s say you have to use a keypad to drag a character around that would be painful say it’s a dragon in this situation it be way to irritating. Irritating for sorcerer and warrior fliers. Other than that I have no idea about technologically advanced PCs.

We all don’t have public Wi-Fi hotspots or whatever you use I have to stick to at home all the time to do this.

Yeah but not all that’s a weird asterisk to put on the game like oh yeah by the way you can get this on pc but uh not if you have a touchscreen.
Also idk that kinda defeats the point now you just have a less portable, more inconvenient ipad lol. A lot of work for Pg just for a very small number of people who would make any good use out of it.

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And you are replying to me. :see_no_evil:

Im sorry what now

Maybe she/he is reply shy…

when at home i would be on pc
when not at hom on mobile
im not saying the mobile version should be removed just add a pc version

you have a point but i have several ideas
only if PG would ask.