War Dragons Road Map Update - The Collect Wide Initiative

Hey all,

We’ve received a lot of questions about the features we have been rolling out and working on in recent months. We know it can be frustrating to see some areas of the game get more attention in a particular release while it feels like other issues are not getting the attention it requires. We want to share more around our thoughts about our vision for the future of the game, which we believe to be a positive direction for our players.

Our goal has always been constantly improving the game and making it more fun and engaging for our players. We want to support as many play-styles as we can, whether you get enjoyment from flying dragons, helping teammates, or building up your dominion. While many players have stayed with us and enjoyed all the different avenues of progression over the years, we realize that keeping the game and the community a vibrant place means we must keep making progress. We have rolled out features that we hope improve general player quality of life (inventory, instant breed, tower transformation to name a few) and we are making fundamental road map changes that we think will allow us to build War Dragons with you, the players.

While War Dragons is about dragons, our game encourages players to focus on and grow only a few dragons at a time. This means that players must eventually retire older beloved dragons. With that in mind, we are adding game modes and game systems that support a world in which players have new ways to grow with and enjoy their beloved dragons.

To that end, we are working on features that:

  • Reward collecting dragons and leveling them up
  • Reward flying multiple dragons as a win condition
  • Make a large number of dragons more relevant in the game day to day

How recent features support our vision:

  • Dragon Quests - Players can use a large dragon collection to get resources that would help their progression in dragon collection. A larger collection makes this easier to complete. (We already did some reward re-tuning and will continue to adjust prizing, requirements, etc for this feature).
  • Team Dungeons - We are glad y’all liked this event! One of the main goals behind making Dungeons a team oriented event is to reward all participants. We wanted to tune these bases so that they reward having expert dragons, good fliers, and well coordinated teams.
  • More Sort and Filter functionality - we added sort and filter to dragon roster to facilitate players being able to quickly find and change out dragons and have made improvements to this experience in our features (such as auto-filtering in Dragon Quests)

As a sneak peek, we are also rolling out new defender options for perches, which will allow players to customize their perch resistances.

We have continued to burn down bugs in the game. Our QA team discovers many more bugs than those that players see. While we definitely have goals to keep improving on this point, we are also trying to balance game breaking bugs (which we try very hard to catch so that they don’t make it into the game) and reacting quickly to very real things interfering with your game experience.

We have more upcoming features and QoL fixes that we hope will create fresh and exciting experiences. Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion for War Dragons thus far, and we hope you will share in the journey as we build out the game to make it even more fun for players of all interests and levels.

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