War Dragons Summit 2021 Notes (light)

video link - ongoing

Notes will be pretty light/not comprehensive, as people can watch the video but some highlights:

State of the Game

The first section covered the history & current state. I started watching late :see_no_evil:


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  • teaser for future tower in a later section

  • and a prompt to suggest more status buffs/debuffs

Player Experience

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  • tickets may be converted into internal tracking items

  • spike in ban appeal was from a ban wave for ToS violations, primarily around cheating

  • approval for gifting is extremely rare (e.g. loss of loved one, child old enough to start playing) - maybe 10 times over the past five years


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  • heavy inspired by fantasy genre
  • starts early on with art team and then a dragon’s personality, origins, goals, how they’re encountered, then split out into smaller stories like connections to other dragons/people and spell interactions
  • Origin of Void (dungeons) is being explored, TBD, months down the road
  • Lineage dragons prior to seasons are light on lore, but they’re going back gradually via mention in current lore, e.g. future of Kinnara in Kinnarix’s lore
  • Lore has been fairly linear more recently, but it’d spotlight different areas in earlier seasons; they’ve been considering revisiting an earlier event as a followup
  • Lachrymae is the lore archivist
  • RDM loves the idea of connecting all the lore, but there are places for specific events/topics too, e.g. Eclipse and Celestial Rift.
  • More recently, riders will pair more visibly to certain dragons; in the past, they’d generally fit the theme. They haven’t currently integrated riders into lore, but it’d be interesting to explore.
  • RDM promised a War Dragons movie (kind of :wink: - not really )


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  • and more interruptions lol, notes are stopping for now

Sería bueno que tu vieran en cuenta la comunidad hispana en caso de directos muchos me incluyo no lo entiendo y es una lástima.

Además espero conseguir el retrato lo vi desde el principio jajajaja

Like a translated text transcript?

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Ooh! This is quite helpful! Thank you!

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Ascension tokens are not exiting or fun. They’re on the wrong slide :joy: At least when applied to runes/glyphs.

However I am very excited about the Atlas and Atlas rewards changes.


There are quite a few things I’m excited to learn more about and see implemented. So looking good.

Only negative I see is the planned continuation of ascension coins.


Serria genial para poder disfrutar mas el juego

Hopefully they at least take it back to the drawing board and rework the system… but probably not


That would be AWESOME!! This game has so much lore and characters, it has potential, I really hope we could see it in the near future!


PGJared promised a cowboy cat dragon rider :joy:


Yeah and something about it saying or being called Meowdy :rofl:

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I’m :100: for this!! Let’s gooo! :dragon: :movie_camera: :popcorn:

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Puss in boots


It’s very clear with this seasons mythics that their viability is dependent on completion of the exotic rune and glyph, +/- the spell rider.

Viable dragons are required to make the game enjoyable, particularly as you near end game. Taking viability out of the hands of F2P and E2P players will be 1) widen the power gap and 2) hurt player retention.


Pay to compete is a bad idea….
Especially when it basically kills competitive play for half the play styles at near end game!

I have zero excitement for this coming season and will most likely retire if this is where the meta is headed.
I already feel like the divines have very little life and staying power now and nerfing them didn’t help! :man_shrugging:

Sorry that doesn’t motivate me at all ………quite the opposite!

So if ascension tokens were added to encourage spending at near end game you failed……


Thank you for sharing the gist of the summit with us here.

Re: Ban wave & what won’t get us ban
It’s going to hurt big time when finding out that my 8 year old nephew can fly my nockmar better than I can. :rofl::rofl:

Or that my mum has surrendered all castles to worst enemies when I was at work …:sob::sob:

Figures theyd do this right after I reset Kayla

While this is better, 5k is still too high. It should really be more like 1k, 2k at most

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But but. Can’t be be cost free so that I can reset rider skill before every battle??,