War dragons supportive campaign events

As far as i can remember, in the beginning of war dragons there was a little walkthrough for the game and you are all against people online.

This game is mostly about playing against people online. I know that. But what if there were parallel supportive individual events against AI. For example, in building event there is always a wood shortage around if you havent reached lvl 84 and maxed out your dragons. Or you have to not to sleep until event starts, since you can find lots of resources in the beginning of the event. I have a job you know, i cant stand all night long.

So, if there is a building event, there can be another event in parallel so we can gain wood by attacking AI. Since noone has wood or all protected you gain nothing.

If there is a feeding event, parallel event can give us food. food is already rare and this event makes it worse.

You can say that these can be gained from chests but it is certainly not enough.

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This is the same suggestion…


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Yep… maybe someone should make a sticky thread about how to search forum before starting same topic… again.

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