War Dragons, Tips & Trick

Does anyone have the list of questionably useful hints mentioned during starting screen?

Here are a few I’ve seen so far, though I’m pretty sure I missed at least 3 others somewhere.

Loading Tips

Towers under construction will not defend your base when it is attacked – they will be hidden from the enemy.

Ask teammates to join a battle. Strategically use all your dragons, and win without any significant damage to your dragons. Go another round!

Mage towers are critical to blocking dragon spells, but if you build too many you might not have enough firepower!

Summon the powerful Water God! Defensively shoot down dragons to pay homage to the Water God shrine.

It’s always nice to transfer resources to your teammates, but be careful not to send more than they can store.

A strong team is key to winning. Recruit your friends to your team!

You can prepare spells like Fireball and Chain Lightning before you approach a group of towers. This can allow you to cast before taking any damage!

Clear Fog and Trees to Unlock new building construction sites!

Teamwork is the path to success! Win wars to get into a higher league; higher leagues have vastly higher breeding token payouts!

Your monuments allow you to boost the strength of your defenses.

Group lightning towers - they amplify each other’s power!

Use sorcerer dragons only after you accumulated enough rage to use their spells.

Maximize the duration of your defensive spells. Use Stoneskin and Invincibility right before you get hit!

Think carefully about which tower to put on a new island! Towers have different strengths and weaknesses.

Sorcerer dragons can destroy large groups of towers, but you need to clean out mage and storm towers first!

Red mage towers block and disable firing any red spells. Blue mage towers do the same for blue spells.

Don’t let enemies get away with attacking you! Attack back through the replay menu.

In Atlas, camera rotation is locked by default. Tap on the compass icon in the top left to unlock camera rotation.

Join your team’s attacks! It’s one of the most efficient ways to strengthen your dragons.

Want to breed more dragons? Go to the Dragon Guard’s lookout balloon to earn more breeding tokens!

Try using ballistas to poison your opponents early. The effect needs some time to deal maximum damage.

Confused? Look at the forums in the communication panel! Players love to share tips, tricks and strategies.

Defend your teammates and earn boosts! They’re counting on you and you can’t lose anything personally!

The hunter’s Healing Mark spell is very powerful for teammates who coordinate. Your dragon can carefully position medical packs for the next attacker!

Always invite teammates to attack - resource payouts are increased for each person who joins the battle!

The storm tower’s shield ends when you destroy it.

Your first few daily attacks for each dragon awards bonus XP. Use them wisely to level up quickly!

Cannon towers will break through any shield, even Invincibility.

Sorcerer dragons generally have area effect spells which damage many enemy buildings at once.

Warrior dragons can take a lot of damage! They’re great when you want to brawl through a tough island.

Hunter dragons generally have spells which help them sneak around a base and take out strategic targets.

To prevent loss of data, please do not access your account on multiple devices or play multiple accounts on the same device.

Use your expert dragons to farm XP for your newer dragons. Use the transfer XP option in the training den.

Keep pushing back the fog and forest – one more tower can make all the difference.

Top players invest in an Elite Account! Elite accounts allow you to build and breed twice as fast!

The environment is destructible! Try attacking trees, ships, buildings, bridges, etc. to see what you can destroy.

The Evasion spells allows your hunter dragon to dodge many of the incoming projectiles. Use it to quickly skip an island and take out targets on the next island.

Be on the lookout for fun events! They are the key to unlocking the divine dragons.

Don’t share any personal information with other players.

Clear Fog and Trees to Unlock new building construction sites!

Spell boosts can compliment a dragon’s existing power to help you defeat tough bases.


There’s the begging one about their poor developers and to spend money… :joy:

And there’s the atlas zoom in and out one


Wow :flushed:


Where did you pull this out of at the drop of a hat? :thinking:

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This one always made me think that the game would break if you gave them too much :rofl: :t_rex:

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That’s the stuff they have when you’re waiting for the game to load. Wow, you must get locked out a lot. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nah, I’ve been constantly complaining about the general uselessness of these tips, especially to new teammates who are also new players, so I ended up remember a lot of them since they are so frequently discussed.

These especially are my least favorites.
Promoting ballistas as useful.
There isn’t a communication panel so this is just misleading.
This is the most egregious offender since it leads players to think that a long base is the way to go.

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And this one is despised by many too…