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Why is this needed??? Everything is basically just the same information we have here… give us the detailed information and I’ll say it’s a success otherwise it’s just saying " hey, we are working on this"


I kinda agree. I hate to seem ungrateful for the attempt at more information but this seems like it could be an easy way to lose info between here (forums) and there. And if it’s in both places, why?


Agreed. But hey, I love information. Curious to these changes to kingdom wars tho :eyes:

maybe they got tired of our b*tching :man_shrugging:


I kind of like it. It’s nice to see everything at a glance with dates instead of having it in different places all over the forum. Or even having everything in one thread and wading through all the info buried in there somewhere. It took me 20 minutes to find that post about the PvE islands being looked at for reducing cooldowns. Although I don’t see that on the tracker. So looks like some things still need to be added. :thinking:

And Assault returns! yay!


“17” different websites are now required to view information… great change :roll_eyes:

Not everyone visits the forums daily, and not everyone has the time to filter through many threads for what they’re looking for. We hope this provides a longer timeframe view of what’s on the way, and links to relevant threads and discussions. Give it a try for a couple weeks. If you don’t end up using it, that’s fine too. The forums will still be here for you.


so adding information on a completely unknown site helps how?

then update announcement post… it’s really not that difficult

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You can give feedback more respectfully than this. I believe in you.


of course I could be more polite. But my many years in the Army taught me to be blunt and to the point. Why beat around the bush if it can be done in less words?


Positive aspects:

  • More information (e.g. KW is coming up, Assault is coming back, what auto-battle is)
  • Timelines (e.g. Assault will - probably - be June 24)
  • Required additions (e.g. API needs the community’s help)

Negative aspects:

  • Lack of centralization (e.g. which issues end up on the tracker, forums, etc., which don’t)

Potential concerns:

  • Responsiveness to feedback (e.g. tracker is not a good medium for feedback, an unwillingness to listen to player concerns has been a major issue in the past)

Overall, I think it has a lot of potential to be good. Certainly I’m greedy for those snippets of extra information!


I think this is actually a good thing in addition to the forums. Not because the info isn’t in the forums, but because seeing some info at a glance is a lot easier than trying to search the forums sometimes. (I mean seriously, have you tried a forum search lately for something Atlas related? You get posts from yesterday mixed with posts from 2 years ago. Sorting it to find one specific post you KNOW you saw before is a pita.)

I really like that we can see what is in active development, what was just released, etc. Also, it does give a more accurate timeline of current planned release dates WITHOUT us having to ask for it and an answer buried in a thread somewhere here.

Yay, we now know what the next pvp event is planned (was to be expected) and that assault will be returning for breeding.

On another note, as long as you DO keep it updated and don’t let it fall behind on the totem pole of things to update, then it will be useful. I’ve added it to list of war dragons bookmarks. If you don’t keep it updated, it will be just one more thing that could have been good but wasn’t.


Hey, nobody’s perfect. :smirk:

This is what happens when you try to give more to the community. Just don’t bother anymore. I for one appreciate this.

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You did see his name, right? :joy:


What information are you actually getting? 3 generic sentences?

Like I said, if there is actual substantial information provided then it will be good but as it stands…its useless

Eh, I dont mind this since it’s easy to find on the forums. It helps organize important stuff a bit.

Where does it say this?

Just have to click on it


Well I mean it’s new… so… yeah… there’s that :roll_eyes:

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