War Dragons uses WAY too much data for anyone not on an unlimited plan or WiFi


Many static elements of the game are downloaded every single time when we open a new screen or tab. This leads to a poor player experience as we wait for the download or watch it hang and have to reopen.

The data consumption of War Dragons is completely out of hand, exceeding Netflix or Youtube in many cases. We suspect this may even trigger carrier throttling on 4G data plans.

Static elements need to be cached on the user’s device using the app cache mechanism and not downloaded every single time. This will improve the screen responsiveness for the player and cut down on data traffic for the user AND PG.



don’t know what you’re talking about, this is a fine amonut of data to be using :roll_eyes:

Aug 10- Sept 9


Since May 5th, 2017

52MB per day for WD average.

Edit: lol in response to @xMr2x below.
YouTube is mostly car channels, was WD gaming until that stopped.
Facebook is my news
Safari is forums
Photos is me
Twitch is only WD live-streams


So you spend most of your time watching videos of the latest dragon being flown on both YT and Twitch, googling other info on WD, and talking about it on FB. Oh, and you take a lot of SS of bases and more in the game.

Just figure that other data usage has to be related. lol


This is my only data available. Due to how my device tracks data usage any uninstalled or reinstalled app data older than a month fall into “Removed apps” which is certainly not relevant anymore.


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